CENIDE: NETZ open evening

Pictures from NETZ open evening

High Quality pictures without watermarks are available on request (birte.vierjahn@uni-due.de, 0203 379-8176).

Colored ballons mark stations and the information booths.

At the information booth (North Entrance), visitors catch up on the program and wait for the next, highly demanded guided tour.

Sebastian Kluge, Researcher "Reactive fluids" in checkered shirt, explains visitors the gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticles in the synthesis laboratory.

Visitors on a guided tour of the synthesis laboratory.

A group of visitors in the plasma laboratory.

Sebastian Schipporeit, Researcher "Technical Physics", explains the anodic arc.

Looking through laser-protective glasses.

In the laser lab, visitors learn more about the nanoparticle synthesis by laser ablation of gold and silver. Especially the color of the colloids is always good for a surprise.

Employees of the microscopy center demonstrate stereo microscope and profilometer.

Dr. Frank Menzel and Ute Schuett-Adam, experts for Inorganic Materials at Evonik Industries AG, present the visitors demonstrations in a small exhibition about power efficiency.

Simulations of laboratory flames and combustion engines on the courtyard front of the NETZ-building.

Simulations of laboratory flames and combustion engines on the inner courtyard front of the NETZ-building. Additionally, a glimpse of the information booth at the north entrance.

Lukas Helmbrecht (right) shooting the new "nano"-short film.

Excited little participants of the photo project "Me as a scientist."

Not only the small visitors enjoy the photo project.

With food coloring filled Erlenmeyer flask as props for the photo project.

Visitors look at pictures of NanoArt exhibition.

Prof. Dr. Axel Lorke during his lecture "Nanotechnology - when science fiction becomes real."

Dr. Philipp Wagener during his lecture "Nano tempest in a teacup - how materials for energy technology are generated by laser".


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