NETZ: Building

New Building: The NanoEnergyTechnologyCenter (NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum NETZ)

Total Floor Space: 3.900 m2 (labs: 2200 m2, offices: 1700 m2), including
• 36 labs and 66 offices
• Microscopy center with state-of-the-art facility
• Seminar rooms, meeting rooms and communication corners
• CENIDE Headquarter
Staff: • 120 scientists from the schools of chemistry, engineering and physics of the University Duisburg-Essen
• Researchers from cooperating research institutes and industry
Specials: In the NETZ building scientists from the schools of engineering, physics and chemistry will find office space and laboratory facilities that meet the specific needs of research in the field of creating new nano-scaled materials for applications in energy technology. The flexibility of the building ensures adaptability to the requirements of future research directions
Total Cost: €43.3 mill.
Start of Construction: Spring 2010
Start of Operation: End of 2012