Research groups

Research group „Multifunctional conversion of material and energy“

Logo For1993The scientists of the research group address thermal engines that can transfer mechanical work, heat and chemicals as required. Particularly regarding the politically aspired change of energy supply energy storage and conversion become more and more important. The processes established as yet, however, are designed for individual types of energy conversion, e.g. engines only convert the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical work. The aim of the scientists now is to use engines also for the production of higher-value commodity chemicals. Thus, the fuel would be utilized in a more economic and rational way and it would be possible to store excess energy in the form of such chemicals with high energy density.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Burak Atakan (Spokesman)

Research Group "Model-based scalable gas phase synthesis of complex nanoparticles"

Logo For2284New characteristics of materials: In the production of innovate materials nanoparticles with specific characteristics are applied increasingly. By now the littlest atomic unions can be produced in special gas phase reactors – but so far this happens coincidentally and imprecise measured by the intended application. At this point the new installed DFG research group "Model-based scalable gas phase synthesis of complex nanoparticles" attaches: The scientists hope to find out, under what conditions and according to which rules the high individualized production surely succeeds. In the first step they want to form isolated nanoparticles, in the next step they merge them into complex structures. In the end the nanomaterials should own reliable distinctive characteristics, which are relevant for the application – for example in electrocatalysis, with battery storage or in medical diagnostics. (Speaker: Professor Dr. Christof Schulz, University of Duisburg-Essen)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz (Spokesman)