Specifications: general

Schottky field emission gun

Accelerating voltage

200 keV

Super twin lens

Spherical Aberration Cs (objective):

1.2 mm

Chromatic Aberration Cc (objective):

1.2 mm

Point resoltion

0.24 nm

Line resolution


Information limit

0.15 nm

Focal length

1.7 mm

TEM magnification 25x-1030kx
SA diffraction camera length 40-4300 mm


Imaging: Gatan Multiscan CCD (794IF)

Analytical TEM: Gatan Multiscan CCD (794)

Specifications: STEM (STEM)

maximum STEM resolution 0.20 nm
STEM magnification 100x-10000kx
Bright Field and Annular Dark Field mode
High Angle Annular Dark Field STEM detecotr for Z contrast imaging

Specifications: EDX

EDAX Energy-Dispersive X-ray detector
Detector window: S-UTW
Active area: 30 mm2
Specimen-detector distance 15 mm
Collection angle 0.166 sterad
Elevation angle 0o
Detector resolution 135 eV@ Mn K-α at 100 μs

Specification: EELS and EFTEM

Gatan Imaging Fitler (GIF 2001)
Operation range 100 -400 keV
Scintillator High resolution YAG or Phosphor, fiber-optically coupled to CCD
Exposure 0.05 sec - hours
Isochromacity <3 ev over a 1024x1024 image
Distortion <1.5%
Energy-selecting slit width 2-50eV@200keV
Energy resolution at the zero loss peak

1.5 eV @ ( 200 keV, 0.6 mm aperture)

3.0 eV @ ( 200 keV, 3.0 mm aperture)

Energy resolution at energy-loss peak

Not worse than 1.5X the zero-loss value at the carbon K-edge

Not worse than 2X the zero-loss value at any energy loss up to 1000 eV

EFTEM magnification

LM <200x - ≥2000x

HM 2.5kx - ≥2000kx

Diffraction <200 - ≥5000

Sample holders

Sample holder

Temperature range

Angle range



FEI double tilt holder



FISCHIONE advanced 3D tomography single tilt holder


±70o/...   Specimen size
3mm diameter. Wide range of thicknesses up to 250 microns.

GATAN cooling holder

-170oC - 110oC   yes  

GATAN double tilt heating holder (model 652)

RT - 1000oC ±30o/±30o no

max. specimen thickness = 0.5 nm

drift rate at 1000oC < 12nm/min

total specimen movement in cooling from 1000oC to RT = 11 microns