On common ground

Joint Workshop with WIN

On common ground


While the asphalt outside slowly melted, inside the well air-conditioned NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum (NETZ) scientists from the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology – WIN (Canada) and CENIDE met for a joint workshop on June 19 and 20. Once again it became clear: the similarities between the two nanocenters are great, the already existing cooperations are only the beginning.

Amongst the more than 70 participants there were 12 from Canada. They took part in a scientific program consisting of 22 lectures and a guided tour through the NETZ. The topics covered a wide range of nanosciences ranging from synthesis to modeling and simulation to nanobiotechnology, magnetism and energy applications.

There are already three collaborations between the continents:

  • Prof. Kyle Daun (WIN) and Prof. Christof Schulz (CENIDE)
  • Prof. Germán Sciaini (WIN), Prof. Michael Horn-von Hoegen and Prof. Frank-J. Meyer zu Heringdorf (both CENIDE)
  • Prof. Michael Pope (WIN), Prof. Gerd Bacher and Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Mertin (both CENIDE)

CENIDE’s Managing Director Dr. Tobias Teckentrup: "The joint workshop was a complete success because we have already found concrete connecting points in various topics. We already knew that CENIDE and WIN have a lot in common regarding structure, topics and equipment. But in future we want to make more use of this and expand our cooperation." The next steps are initially focused on scientific cooperation and the exchange of students.

Presumably, the next joint workshop in Waterloo is planned for spring of 2018.


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