New Materials Chain Event Series
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Materials Chain Early Career Researchers' Forum

New Materials Chain Event Series


Expert advice? Priceless for a career. Many of them will be given to young scientists from the materials sciences on September 16 at the 1st Materials Chain Early Career Researchers' Forum of the UA Ruhr in Dortmund. Registration is possible online.

What should materials scientists consider when planning their careers? What about scholarships? What funding is available in the EU and how do I apply? Especially at the beginning of a career, young researchers need support. In this case, they are supported by the Materials Chain members Prof. André Gröschel (UDE), Prof. Corina Andronescu (UDE) and Prof. Anna Grünebohm (RUB).

The materials researchers answer questions on projects of the Federal Research Ministry, funding programmes such as the Emmy Noether Young Researchers Group or grants from the European Research Council. In addition, experts provide information on further funding opportunities through the DFG and the Marie-Sklodowska Curie Programme.

The event at the International Meeting Centre at TU Dortmund University is aimed at the approximately 1,000 doctoral students, postdocs, scientific group leaders and junior professors of the material science faculties in the UA Ruhr.


Further information and registration:

Alexander Heinemann, CENIDE - Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen Tel. 0203/37 98175, alexander.heinemann@uni-due.de

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