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Skyrmion pinning energetics in thin film systems

Gruber, Raphael; Zázvorka, Jakub; Brems, Maarten A.; Rodrigues, Davi R.; Dohi, Takaaki; Kerber, Nico; Seng, Boris; Everschor-Sitte, Karin; Virnau, Peter; Kläui, Mathias


(Open Access)

Boron in Ni-Rich NCM811 Cathode Material : Impact on Atomic and Microscale Properties

Roitzheim, Christoph; Kuo, Liang-Yin; Sohn, Yoo Jung; Finsterbusch, Martin; Möller, Sören; Sebold, Doris; Valencia, Helen; Meledina, Maria; Mayer, Joachim; Breuer, Uwe; Kaghazchi, Payam; Guillon, Olivier; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, Dina

In: ACS Applied Energy Materials Vol. 5 (2022) Nr. 1, pp. 524 - 538
ISSN: 2574-0962

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The Magnetic Behaviour of CoTPP Supported on Coinage Metal Surfaces in the Presence of Small Molecules : A Molecular Cluster Study of the Surface trans-Effect

Carlotto, Silvia; Cojocariu, Iulia; Feyer, Vitaliy; Floreano, Luca; Casarin, Maurizio

In: Nanomaterials Vol. 12 (2022) Nr. 2,
ISSN: 2079-4991

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Origin of the different reactivity of the high‐valent coinage‐metal complexes [RCu iii Me 3 ] − and [RAg iii Me 3 ] − (R=allyl)**

Auth, Thomas; Stein, Christopher J.; O'Hair, Richard A. J.; Koszinowski, Konrad

In: Chemistry Vol. 28 (2022) Nr. 7,
ISSN: 1521-3765; 0947-6539

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Electrocatalytic Conversion of Glycerol to Oxalate on Ni Oxide Nanoparticles-Modified Oxidized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Morales, Dulce M.; Jambrec, Daliborka; Kazakova, Mariya A.; Braun, Michael; Sikdar, Nivedita; Koul, Adarsh; Brix, Ann Cathrin; Seisel, Sabine; Andronescu, Corina; Schuhmann, Wolfgang

In: ACS Catalysis Vol. 12 (2022) pp. 982 - 992
ISSN: 2155-5435

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Adsorption of CO2 Molecules in Silicalite : Structural Investigation and Isotherm Modeling Using In Situ High-Resolution Powder X-ray Diffraction

Lill, Johanna; Dejoie, Catherine; Giacobbe, Carlotta; Fitch, Andrew N.

In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C Vol. 126 (2022) Nr. 4, pp. 2214 - 2225
ISSN: 1932-7447; 1932-7455

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Influence of the PTFE Membrane Thickness on the CO₂ Electroreduction Performance of Sputtered Cu-PTFE Gas Diffusion Electrodes

Huq, Faria; Sanjuán, Ignacio; Baha, Sabrina; Braun, Michael; Kostka, Aleksander; Chanda, Vimanshu; Junqueira, João R. C.; Sikdar, Nivedita; Ludwig, Alfred; Andronescu, Corina

In: ChemElectroChem Vol. 9 (2022) Nr. 1,
ISSN: 2196-0216

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Shock-tube study of the influence of oxygenated additives on benzene pyrolysis : Measurement of optical densities, soot inception times and comparison with simulations

Nativel, Damien; Herzler, Jürgen; Krzywdziak, Simon; Peukert, Sebastian; Fikri, Mustapha; Schulz, Christof

In: Combustion and Flame (2022)
ISSN: 1556-2921; 0010-2180

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Anomalous excitations of atomically crafted quantum magnets

Brinker, Sascha; Küster, Felix; Parkin, Stuart S.P.; Sessi, Paolo; Lounis, Samir

In: Science Advances Vol. 8 (2022) Nr. 4,
ISSN: 2375-2548

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Geminal C-Cl and Si-Cl bond activation of chloromethanes and chlorosilanes by gallanediyl LGa

Helling, Christoph; Ganesamoorthy, Chelladurai; Wölper, Christoph; Schulz, Stephan

In: Dalton Transactions Vol. 51 (2022) Nr. 5, pp. 2050 - 2058
ISSN: 1477-9234; 1477-9226

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