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A silicon carbide-based highly transparent passivating contact for crystalline silicon solar cells approaching efficiencies of 24%

Köhler, Malte; Pomaska, Manuel; Procel, Paul; Santbergen, Rudi; Zamchiy, Alexandr; Macco, Bart; Lambertz, Andreas; Duan, Weiyuan; Cao, Pengfei; Klingebiel, Benjamin; Li, Shenghao; Eberst, Alexander; Luysberg, Martina; Qiu, Kaifu; Isabella, Olindo; Finger, Friedhelm; Kirchartz, Thomas; Rau, Uwe; Ding, Kaining

In: Nature Energy Vol. 6 (2021) pp. 529 - 537
ISSN: 2058-7546

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Triple Modification of Alginate Hydrogels by Fibrin Blending, Iron Nanoparticle Embedding, and Serum Protein‐Coating Synergistically Promotes Strong Endothelialization

Richter, Alena; Li, Yaya; Rehbock, Christoph; Barcikowski, Stephan; Haverich, Axel; Wilhelmi, Mathias; Böer, Ulrike

In: Advanced Materials Interfaces Vol. 8 (2021) Nr. 10,
ISSN: 2196-7350

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Preparation and characterization of hydrophilic and antibacterial silver decorated silica-grafted-poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (Ag-SiO₂-PVP) nanoparticles for polymeric nanocomposites

Ahsani, Mina; Sabouri, Reza; Ulbricht, Mathias; Hazrati, Hossein; Jafarizad, Abbas; Yegani, Reza

In: Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2021)
ISSN: 1097-4628; 0021-8995

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Newton series expansion of bosonic operator functions

König, Jürgen; Hucht, Alfred

In: SciPost Physics Vol. 10 (2021) Nr. 1,
ISSN: 2542-4653

Online Full Text: (Open Access)

Sodium control in Ultrathin Cu(In,Ga)Se₂ solar cells on transparent back contact for efficiencies beyond 12%

Li, Yong; Yin, Guanchao; Gao, Yao; Köhler, Tristan; Lucaßen, Jan; Schmid, Martina

In: Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells Vol. 223 (2021) pp. 110969
ISSN: 0927-0248; 1879-3398

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Boiling eggs, radiation damage, and the Arrhenius plot

Lorke, Axel

In: Physics Today Vol. 74 (2021) Nr. 5, pp. 66 - 67
ISSN: 0031-9228; 1945-0699

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How to get from static to dynamic electromagnetism

König, Jürgen

In: European Journal of Physics Vol. 42 (2021) Nr. 4,
ISSN: 1361-6404; 0143-0807

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Dynamics of contact electrification

Kaponig, Mirco; Mölleken, Andre; Nienhaus, Hermann; Möller, Rolf

In: Science Advances Vol. 7 (2021) Nr. 22,
ISSN: 2375-2548

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Physical principles of radio-frequency magnetron sputter deposition of calcium-phosphate-based coating with tailored properties

Surmenev, Roman A.; Ivanova, Anna A.; Epple, Matthias; Pichugin, Vladimir F.; Surmeneva, Maria A.

In: Surface and Coatings Technology Vol. 413 (2021) pp. 127098
ISSN: 0257-8972; 1879-3347

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Reply to the Comment on "phase transitions, screening and dielectric response of CsPbBr₃" by Š. Svirskas, S. Balčiūnas, M. Šimėnas, G. Usevičius, M. Kinka, M. Velička, D. Kubicki, M. E. Castillo, A. Karabanov, V. V. Shvartsman, M. R. Soares, V. Šablinskas, A. N. Salak, D. C. Lupascu and J. Banys,: J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, 8, 14015

Svirskas, Šarūnas; Balčiūnas, Sergejus; Šimėnas, Mantas; Usevičius, Gediminas; Kinka, Martynas; Velička, Martynas; Kubicki, Dominik; Escobar Castillo, Marianela; Karabanov, Andrei; Shvartsman, Vladimir; Soares, Maria De Rosário; Šablinskas, Valdas; Salak, Andrei N.; Lupascu, Doru C.; Banys, Jūras

In: Journal of Materials Chemistry A Vol. 9 (2021) Nr. 18, pp. 11453 - 11455
ISSN: 2050-7496; 2050-7488

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