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Magnetic phase diagram of (Mo₂/₃RE₁/₃)₂AlC, RE=Tb and Dy, studied by magnetization, specific heat, and neutron diffraction analysis

Tao, Quanzheng; Barbier, Maxime; Mockute, Aurelija; Ritter, Clemens; Salikhov, Ruslan; Wiedwald, Ulf; Calder, Stuart; Opagiste, Christine; Galera, Rose-Marie; Farle, Michael; Ouisse, Thierry; Rosen, Johanna

In: Journal of Physics Vol. 34 (2022) Nr. 21,
ISSN: 1361-648X; 0953-8984

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Orbital selective switching of ferromagnetism in an oxide quasi two-dimensional electron gas

Di Capua, R.; Verma, M.; Radovic, M.; Strocov, V.N.; Piamonteze, C.; Guedes, E.B.; Plumb, N.C.; Chen, Yu; D’Antuono, M.; De Luca, G.M.; Di Gennaro, E.; Stornaiuolo, D.; Preziosi, D.; Jouault, B.; Miletto Granozio, F.; Sambri, A.; Pentcheva, R.; Ghiringhelli, G.; Salluzzo, M.; D'Antuono, M.

In: npj Quantum Materials Vol. 7 (2022) Nr. 1,
ISSN: 2397-4648

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Continuous illumination picosecond imaging using a delay line detector in a transmission electron microscope

Weßels, Teresa Maria; Däster, Simon; Murooka, Yoshie; Zingsem, Benjamin; Migunov, Vadim; Kruth, Maximilian; Finizio, Simone; Lu, Peng-Han; Kovács, András; Oelsner, Andreas; Müller-Caspary, Knut; Acremann, Yves; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.

In: Ultramicroscopy Vol. 233 (2022)
ISSN: 1879-2723; 0304-3991

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The Local Exploration of Magnetic Field Effects in Semiconductors

Dang, Thien Thanh; Schell, Juliana; Beck, Reinhard; Noll, Cornelia; Lupascu, Doru C.

In: Crystals Vol. 12 (2022) Nr. 4,
ISSN: 2073-4352

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Quantifying Efficiency Limitations in All-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

Yuan, Ye; Yan, Genghua; Hong, Ruijiang; Liang, Zongcun; Kirchartz, Thomas

In: Advanced Materials (2022) in press
ISSN: 0935-9648; 1521-4095

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iSERS microscopy : Point-of-care diagnosis and tissue imaging

Zhang, Yuying; Tran, Vi; Adanalic, Mujo; Schlücker, Sebastian
/ Wang, Yuling (Eds.)

In: Principles and Clinical Diagnostic Applications of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (2022) pp. 327 - 372
ISBN: 978-0-12-821121-2; 978-0-12-823198-2

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Ultrafast cold-brewing of coffee by picosecond-pulsed laser extraction

Ziefuß, Anna; Hupfeld, Tim; Meckelmann, Sven; Meyer, Martin; Schmitz, Oliver J.; Kaziur-Cegla, Wiebke; Tintrop, Lucie K.; Schmidt, Torsten Claus; Gökce, Bilal; Barcikowski, Stephan

In: npj Science of Food Vol. 6 (2022) Nr. 1,
ISSN: 2396-8370

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A Unique Mechanochemical Redox Reaction Yielding Nanostructured Double Perovskite Sr₂FeMoO₆ With an Extraordinarily High Degree of Anti-Site Disorder

Tóthová, Erika; Düvel, André; Witte, Ralf; Brand, Richard A.; Sarkar, Abhishek; Kruk, Robert; Senna, Mamoru; Da Silva, Klebson Lucenildo; Menzel, Dirk; Girman, Vladimír; Hegedüs, Michal; Baláž, Matej; Makreski, Petre; Kubuki, Shiro; Kaňuchová, Mária; Valíček, Jan; Hahn, Horst; Šepelák, Vladimír

In: Frontiers in Chemistry Vol. 10 (2022)
ISSN: 2296-2646

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Speciation in nanosecond laser ablation of zinc in water

Reich, Stefan; Klügl, Yannis; Ziefuß, Anna; Streubel, René; Göttlicher, Jörg; Plech, Anton

In: Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy Vol. 65 (2022) Nr. 7,
ISSN: 1869-1927; 1674-7348; 1862-2844; 1672-1799

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Covalent coupling of HIV-1 glycoprotein trimers to biodegradable calcium phosphate nanoparticles via genetically encoded aldehyde-tags

Damm, D.; Kostka, Kathrin; Weingärtner, C.; Wagner, J.T.; Rojas-Sánchez, L.; Gensberger-Reigl, S.; Sokolova, Viktoriya; Überla, K.; Epple, Matthias; Temchura, V.

In: Acta Biomaterialia Vol. 140 (2022) pp. 586 - 600
ISSN: 1878-7568; 1742-7061

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