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Detailed simulations of the DLR auto-igniting pulsed jet experiment

Inanc, Eray; Lipkowicz, Timo; Kempf, Andreas Markus

In: Fuel Jg. 284 (2021) S. 118947
ISSN: 0016-2361

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On the synthesis and structural evolution of artificial CrN/TiN nanocomposites

Tillmann, Wolfgang; Kokalj, David; Stangier, Dominic; Fu, Qingqing; Kruis, Frank Einar; Kesper, Lukas; Berges, Ulf; Westphal, Carsten

In: Applied Surface Science Jg. 535 (2021) S. 147736
ISSN: 0169-4332; 1873-5584

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Low temperature sintering of fully inorganic all-solid-state batteries : Impact of interfaces on full cell performance

Ihrig, Martin; Finsterbusch, Martin; Tsai, Chih-Long; Laptev, Alexander M.; Tu, Chia-hao; Bram, Martin; Sohn, Yoo Jung; Ye, Ruijie; Sevinc, Serkan; Lin, Shih-kang; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, Dina; Guillon, Olivier

In: Journal of Power Sources Jg. 482 (2021) S. 228905
ISSN: 0378-7753; 1873-2755

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Investigation of the combustion of iron pentacarbonyl and the formation of key intermediates in iron oxide synthesis flames

Karakaya, Yasin; Kluge, Sebastian; Wiggers, Hartmut; Schulz, Christof; Kasper, Tina

In: Chemical Engineering Science Jg. 230 (2021)
ISSN: 0009-2509; 1873-4405

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FibeR-CNN: Expanding Mask R-CNN to improve image-based fiber analysis

Frei, Max; Kruis, Frank Einar

In: Powder Technology Jg. 377 (2021) S. 974 - 991
ISSN: 1873-328X; 0032-5910

Online Volltext: (Open Access)

Efficient nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts by electrochemical etching of partially crystallized Fe-based metallic glass ribbons

Zhang, Qiaoyue; Liang, Shun-Xing; Jia, Zhe; Zhang, Wenchang; Wang, Weimin; Zhang, Lai-Chang

In: Journal of Materials Science & Technology (JMST) Jg. 61 (2021) S. 159 - 168
ISSN: 1005-0302; 1941-1162

Online Volltext:

Tailoring surface morphology of heterostructured iron-based Fenton catalyst for highly improved catalytic activity

Liang, Shun-Xing; Zhang, Qiaoyue; Jia, Zhe; Zhang, Wenchang; Wang, Weimin; Zhang, Lai-Chang

In: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Jg. 581, Part B (2021) S. 860 - 873
ISSN: 1095-7103; 0021-9797

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Electrocatalysis in confined space

Andronescu, Corina; Masa, Justus; Tilley, Richard D.; Gooding, John J.; Schuhmann, Wolfgang

In: Current Opinion in Electrochemistry Jg. 25 (2021) S. 100644
ISSN: 2451-9103

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Element-specific displacements in defect-enriched TiO₂ : Indication of a flash sintering mechanism

Jongmanns, Malte; Wolf, Dietrich

In: Journal of the American Ceramic Society Jg. 103 (2020) Nr. 1, S. 589 - 596
ISSN: 1551-2916; 0002-7820

Online Volltext: (Open Access)

Poling and annealing of piezoelectric Poly(Vinylidene fluoride) micropillar arrays

Pariy, I.O.; Ivanova, A.A.; Shvartsman, Vladimir; Lupascu, Doru C.; Sukhorukov, G.B.; Surmeneva, M.A.; Surmenev, R.A.

In: Materials Chemistry and Physics Jg. 239 (2020) S. 122035
ISSN: 0254-0584; 1879-3312

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