CENIDE: Services provided by CENIDE

It goes without saying that this list is by no means exhaustive; it simply lists our bestsellers. For any additional projects where we can offer our support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Research management We provide professional support when it comes to submitting proposals and implementing coordinated research projects. The extent of this support depends entirely upon your requirements, ranging from coordinating appointments for project meetings, consulting on proposal submissions and offering support with applications, right through to managing coordinated projects from start to finish.
Analytics Services (ICAN) Through our ICAN analytics center, we provide you with the equipment and processes – not to mention professional expertise – you require to analyse your samples using the most appropriate methods in each and every case. We tailor our advice to suit your individual needs, conduct analyses for you on request and lend a hand when it’s time to interpret the results. You can also use much of the equipment yourself if needed, provided you meet the appropriate level of professional competence in the field.
Promoting young researchers We support the interdisciplinary promotion of young researchers in a variety of different ways. With the CENIDE Best Paper Award, we reward outstanding publications from young researchers, both financially and as a mark of career achievement. Postdocs can find a platform to support their scientific career on the Young Researcher Network (YRN). The CENIDE doctoral student network promotes exchange particularly between doctoral candidates who are working in nanoscience.
Press, public relations and marketing If you’d like to publicise your work beyond the boundaries of your field, we would be delighted to manage your press and public relations. Working closely with you, we can create press releases appropriate to the target audience (depending on whether your work is to be published in the local or national press, or in specialist media), coordinate press enquiries, and even create our own publications to raise public awareness further still.
Event management No matter what type of research event you might be holding – from project meetings and workshops through to conferences – we can offer you the comprehensive event management you need. We can help with locating rooms, making spaces available in the NETZ building, advertising your event as appropriate to the target audience, supporting you on site, and developing new event formats after discussing your needs.
Hub for information The head office pools external and internal information alike from the CENIDE network. As a result, we are more than happy to be your first port of call when you are looking for an appropriate contact at CENIDE – regardless of whether you are looking for a partner to solve a scientific problem or share experiences regarding a funding instrument. We can even find contacts outside of CENIDE thanks to our network – whether it’s a partner within the industry or a collaborator for international research. In addition, we provide you with specific information on relevant funding programmes and events. To represent the interests of nanoscience at the UDE on a political level, too, we are in constant contact with ministries, authorities, clusters and associations. For that reason, it is also conversely important for you to remain in regular contact with our head office to share any necessary information. After all, this is the only way to ensure we are operating in full support of the UDE’s activities, helping to avoid schedule conflicts and linking different projects in terms of their subject matter and organisation.
Emergency childcare The Faculty of Physics offers emergency childcare to all faculty employees and all other CENIDE members and their employees. If, for example, your usual nursery is closed due to strikes or illness, then childcare can be arranged in the emergency childcare room. It should be noted, however, that this service is not intended for foreseeable circumstances such as school holidays or similar.

What do you have to do?

Please contact Ms Wohlgemuth if you have any questions.

  • You can request the childminder by calling 0201 82 14 68-0 or 0180 1558811.
  • Access: You can collect the key (Legic) to the emergency childcare room beforehand or on the day during office hours from the dean’s office within the Faculty of Physics (room MC 253). Please remember to return the key immediately after the childcare session.
  • Invoice: It is essential for you to complete this form to have the costs covered by CENIDE. Please mention on the form that you belong to CENIDE and send a scan of it by e-mail to cenide@uni-due.de. You should also post the completed form in a sealed envelope into the pigeon hole for Ms Claudia Wohlgemuth (Faculty Administration for Physics, room MC 253) following the childcare session.
  • The emergency childcare room is located in the dean’s office, room MC 247

Contact Person:

You can find the responsible contact person here.