Images: WissensNacht Ruhr

Nano goes big – WissensNacht Ruhr on October 02, 2014, at NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum (NETZ) . About 1,400 visitors came to make a journey through the exciting world of Nanotechnology. The WissensNacht Ruhr 2014 is the part of KlimaExpo.NRW – an interagency initiative of the NRW state government.

Elephant toothpaste shoots into the air! Reactions with simple ingredients but at the same time with a huge effect occur in the chemical laboratories.

Quite sensitive transmission electron microscope shows 1 million times zoomed gold-nanoparticles: Dr. Christian Liebscher demonstrates the imaging sensitivity at such high magnifications for acoustic and air movements. The room is special isolated against environmental influences for this purposes.

Physicist Dr. Ulrich Hagemann with his device: this microscope can determine the chemical composition of surfaces without requiring them to be destroyed. Precise focused X-Rays allow looking into the structures of the elements with size of micrometers.

Under the mega-magnifying glass even the cent becomes an adventure. Due to X-Rays the exact nature of the copper alloy can be determined. The price for such high performance device is more than 6 Million Euro.

NanoFocus AG presents their optical-3D Measurement Technique. Using them the surfaces can be measured with the precision of nanometers.

Pure silicon commonly known as gray fabric with a metallic luster. Silicon particles, which are only a few nanometers in size, however, glow in UV light. It shows how the basic physical and chemical properties change on nanometer scale.

Smocks and safety goggles on – during the popular photo project for children not only the little ones became great scientists.

WissensNacht Ruhr 2014 at NETZ: An exciting evening for whole family.

Inspire science! Numerous activities create enjoying climate at NETZ. The live experiments brought visitors to the incredible Nano world so close.

How exactly looks Nano? Using cardboards and colorful markers young professionals can create their own world of molecules and atoms.

Hands-on research: Among the many tours through the NETZ building there were many unknown insights, such as for example laser laboratory. High purity Nano particles are created here, which are later used in medical therapies or as catalysts.

The synthesis laboratory for the production of tiny nanoparticles is huge. More than several floors took flame reactors, heated through wall tubular reactors such as Laser- and Microwave-Plasma-Reactors.

Behind the scenes of NETZ: During the tour through the building the visitors got knowledge about the building services starting from the ventilation using pipeline systems for various gases towards the photovoltaic system at the roof of the building.

Science-Slammer Dr. Nicolas Wöhrl gives advises about different sorts of diamonds required equipment: home microwave and grandmother’s wedding ring.

We leave the lights on! Fascinating world of nanoparticles at WissensNacht Ruhr event.

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