The Voskuhl group

The Voskuhl group, established in autumn 2015 at the University of Duisburg-Essen, is interested in luminescence phenomena. The research focus, in this regards, lays on the investigation of novel emitters for materials science as well as biomedical imaging. Here the influence of aggregation phenomena on the photophysical properties plays a crucial role and is investigated in detail. To this end, the research of the Voskuhl group can be regarded as interdisciplinary, working between different disciplines such as organic chemistry, physics, medicine, biology as well as materials science.

Potential topics for bachelor (BA) and master (MA) theses

If you are interested in one of the following topics, please contact Jens Voskuhl.

1.  Novel luminophores based on rigidified rotors (BA)

2.  Phosphorescent materials obtained by photocyclisations (BA)

3.  Luminescent amphiphiles for transfection (BA)

4.  Syntheses and applications of Oxo-anion binding emitters (MA)

Topics for PhD theses

Currently there are no open PhD positions available. If you qualify for external funding via a scholarship, please contact Jens Voskuhl.

Postdoctoral positions

Currently there are no open PostDoc positions available. If you qualify for external funding via a scholarship (e.g. Humboldt, Marie Curie…), please contact Jens Voskuhl.


29th-31st July 2022 AK Retreat to Papenburg

Our group enjoyed a weekend off in Papenburg in northern Germany. Together with some alumni, we had a great time!

3rd-5th July 2022 SupraChem 2022

Together with AK Giese, Niemeyer, Haberhauer & Schrader members, our group attended the 6th SupraChem in Mainz. There, Alex was awarded with a poster prize. Congratulations! 

22nd June 2022 Symposium on Intelligent Matter

We visited the first Münster Symposium on Intelligent Matter, where Kevin and Marco each presented a poster. Having impressed the jury, we were able to take home a poster prize. Time to celebrate!

13th June 2022 Two Publications for Kevin

Kevin has participated in the publication of two recent papers, one of which features Matthias as first author. Cheers to them!

Artificial Arginine Analogues

Phosphorescence by Host-Guest Complexation


8th June 2022 Andrea's Defense

Having completed her defense, Andrea is the first original Voskuhl group member to receive her PhD title. Congratulations and best wishes for the future!