Research Data Management (INF)

Dr. Stephanie Rehwald  &  Prof. Dr. med. PhD Dagmar Führer

Good research data management is essential to promote the research strength of the CRC/TR 296. The INF project therefore focusses on supporting the scientists within LocoTact regarding FAIR data usage by building up a clear data policy and a technical infrastructure for storage, exchange, documentation and publication of relevant research data. Bringing in a sample-centred-approach, avoiding the traditional publication-centred view, the INF project will facilitate and speed-up data exchange and foster research processes in LocoTact.

Project Team Members

Name Position Phone Email
Dr. Sophia Leimer Postdoc (Team Rehwald) +49 203 379 2072 Mail
Henning Timm Postdoc (Team Rehwald) +49 203 379 1502


Devon Siemes PhD candidate +49 201 723 6073 Mail


Further Information

Research Data Services University Duisburg Essen

Research Data Management University Lübeck

Project Team Open Data and Research Data Management Berlin Institute of Health

Research Data Management HU Berlin

Research Data Management FU Berlin

The INF supports scientists within LocoTact regarding

  • LocoTact Data Policy

  • mandatory RDM training for graduates

  • trainings on ELN and data hubs

  • metadata workshops

  • manuals and using instructions for data hubs repositories