P01    (Heuer/Schwaninger)
TH transporters at brain barriers

P02    (Müller-Fielitz)
Impact of TH on tanycyte functions and the relevance on central regulation of the liver and hormone uptake

P03    (Bechmann/Biebermann)
Transporter expression and TH action in the brain

P04    (Kühnen)
TH action in hiPSC-derived brain organoids

P05   (Pfluger/Müller)
Novel pharmacotherapies for the treatment of central TH deprivation associated with Mct8/Oatp1c1 deficiency

P06   (Krude/Schülke-Gerstenfeld)
THRA deficiency and Allan-Herndon-Dudley-Syndrome: Defects of local TH function during human brain development

P07   (Cirkel/Münte)
A brain imaging approach to TH function in consequence to mutations in TH receptors and transporter proteins

P08   (Langhauser/Führer/Kleinschnitz)
Local TH transport and action in ischaemic brain injury

P09   (Heuer/Engel)
TH transporters in myelin formation and regeneration

P10   (Führer/Möller/Lorenz)
Local TH action in acute and chronic ischaemic heart disease

P11   (Kaiser)
Role of the enigmatic TRα2 isoform in regulating cardiac TH function

P12   (Mittag)
TH receptor α1 at the crossroad of autonomic and cardiac functions in mice

P13   (Oster)
TH receptor-clock interaction in NAFLD development

P14  (Kirchner/Mittag)
Control of cellular TH metabolism in human and mouse NASH

P15  (Spranger/Tacke/Wirth)
Liver-specific TH activity in NAFLD and NASH

P16  (Köhrle/Wirth)
Strategies to increase local T3 availability in liver

P17  (Schomburg)
Control of deiodinase type 1 (DIO1) expression and its protective function in human hepatocytes

P18  (Möller/Lange/Zwanziger)
Hepatic TH signalling in acute and acute-on-chronic liver injury

P19  (Mayerl)
Impact of TH transport in seizure generation