Coronavirus: Information for Students

In confirmed cases (if you have been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2)

As a student, please contact,
as a member of staff, please write to

Remote teaching and learning Summer Semester 2021

At UDE, a hybrid semester with largely distant formats is underway. The rule is: as little presence as possible - and only as much presence on site as absolutely necessary.

What applies now Current regulations

All current regulations, measures and safety concepts for university operations during the Corona pandemic are available for you to download centrally.

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 Courses [16.6.2021]

According to the currently valid legal regulations and the general decree of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is again possible to hold teaching events in attendance to a limited extent. However, even with falling incidence rates and rising vaccination numbers, an appropriate balance must continue to be struck between the necessity of on-site teaching events and the existing risks.

At the UDE, the current summer semester - in agreement between the rectorate and the deans of the faculties - will essentially be continued as planned as a "hybrid semester". (The already existing, separate concepts for practical courses remain unaffected by this).

Tests [16.6.2021]

Teacher related questions

All informations about Teacher related questions can be found here: (German only)

Opening and consultation hours of central areas and facilities

General student committee

Bafög Subsidies

  • In North Rhine-Westphalia, the extended standard period of study is to be accompanied by an increase in the maximum eligibility period for BAföG funding. Since the standard period of study is officially extended by one semester, students are also to receive BAföG for an additional semester.
  • The Federal Minister of Education has promised that BAföG grants will continue to be paid even during the closures caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The precautionary measures will not put BAföG recipients at a disadvantage. The BMBF has made this clear in a decree to the BAföG offices.
    Further information is available at https://www.bafö
  • The BAföG entitlement remains even in the case of commitment against corona pandemic, so that additional earnings are worthwhile. Anyone who is involved in the fight against the current corona pandemic in the health care system, in social institutions or in agriculture will only receive additional income for the time of their work. A corresponding amendment to the law has been adopted. If, for example, students with medical knowledge get involved in the health care system, this is a valuable contribution to overcoming the pandemic crisis.