UDE boarding system

3G status proof and checks at UDEHow it works

The Coronavirus Protection Ordinance stipulates that classes and other events in educational institutions may only be attended by individuals who are immunised or tested. This so-called 3G rule requires comprehensive access checks. At UDE, this extensive 3G monitoring is to be ensured via a two-stage system, based on the well-known check-in and boarding process at airports.

Step 1 – Check in: show proof of immunity status (once or multiple times depending on status)

At the central check-in counters, students will prove their identity and register their 3G status by showing confirmation of vaccination (once), proof of recovery (once) or a negative coronavirus test (for each occasion).

The relevant data will be saved and access authorisation will be issued via our web application on a smartphone or with a written access card. (Please present a digital vaccination certificate if at all possible.)

If you do not consent to your data being stored, you will only be issued a written access card which, in addition to the expiration date of your proof, will only contain your full name and date of birth.

Step 2 – Boarding: visual inspection before entering the class or event

Access authorisation will be checked for each individual when entering classes or events or, in some locations, when entering the building that the class or event is being held in. Spot identity checks will be carried out.


  • A boarding pass issued on the basis of a vaccination certificate is valid for one year, starting 14 days after the final vaccination.
  • Access authorisation issued on the basis of proof of recovery is valid for 6 months.
  • A negative rapid test or PCR test allows access authorisation for 24 hours, starting at the time the test was taken.

Questions & answers

Check-In counterWhere to go

You can prove your immunity or negative test status at various locations around the University – regardless of where the class or event you plan to visit is. (From 15 November 2021, check-in will be offered at one location per campus: Duisburg LA / Essen T01.) Checks and documentation are carried out by UDE staff members. Of course, the protection of your personal data is guaranteed.

Note on different opening hours of the check-in counters

  • On Thursday, 23.12.2021, the check-in desk in Duisburg will close at 11.30 am.
  • The check-in desk at the Essen campus will be closed all day on Monday, 27.12.2021.

As it is not possible to pick up a "green tick" in your boarding pass during this time, you will have to prove your 3G status at the places where you currently have to show proof of your 3G status at the university with the certificate that you normally present at the check-in (digital test certificate or in paper form, CovPass app, CoronaWarnApp, vaccination card).

If you are an employee of the university and have to provide this proof to your superior, please point out this requirement.

The University Library has been informed of this temporary change in procedure.

Check-in locations in Duisburg

Opening hours: 8 to 12 / 12.30 to 16.30

Check-in locations in Essen

Opening hours: 8 to 12 / 12.30 to 16.30

After proving your statusRetrieve your boarding pass

After you have proven your identity and your immunity or negative test status, you can retrieve your UDE boarding pass. This pass includes your name and your authorisation but has no visible information on what type of (immunity) status you have – therefore, no personal medical information is displayed


Legal notes*

  • The guiding principle of the currently applicable Corona Protection Ordinance is that vaccinated people and those who have recovered from Covid, in particular, are to be enabled to make use of public, cultural, social and sports activities and facilities with as little restrictions as possible.
  • In this context, events in educational institutions that take place indoors may only be attended by individuals who are immunised (fully vaccinated or recovered) or tested (so-called 3G rule).
  • Accordingly, the University is obliged to verify proof of immunity or testing. Neglecting to conduct these checks and admitting non-immunised or untested individuals are finable administrative offences.
  • The same applies to individuals who attend classes or other events without having immunity or proof of a negative test result.
  • We appeal to the attendants’ sense of responsibility, but also explicitly point out that the use of a fake proof of immunisation or negative test result or one belonging to another individual constitutes an administrative offence.

Information on data protection

  • Only the expiration date of the presented proof is stored on the centrally secured UDE systems along with your university credentials and will be deleted upon expiry. You can have your data deleted at any time by using the online form under ‘3G.uni-due.de’.
  • If you do not want your data to be centrally stored, you can also be issued with a printed authorisation card at the check-in counters. In this scenario, no further data is stored in UDE systems.