Questions & answers about the boarding pass

I cannot communicate with the staff at the check-in counter. Who can I contact for information in English?

  • Please contact the Infoline:
    Duisburg campus: +49 203 379 1800
  • Essen campus: +49 201 183 4949
    Mondays to Fridays between 9 am and 5 pm

  • You can visit the International Office’s front office. Opening hours are: Mondays from 1 to 3 pm and Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am to 12 noon. The front office is located in room SG 027 on Geibelstraße in Duisburg and in V15 S00 D27 in Essen.

Why do I need to register here? I already use the Corona-Warn App.

  • The North Rhine-Westphalian Corona Protection Ordinance (CoronaSchVO) and the corresponding 3G rule for admission to events form the legal basis.
  • The purpose of the boarding pass is to facilitate and standardise access to classes and events.
  • Data protection.

How can I prove my vaccination/recovery/test status?

  • Ideally, please bring proof of your vaccination/recovery (e.g. in the form of a PCR test result)/negative test result in digital form in order to accelerate the check-in process.

Which documents do I have to bring to get a boarding pass?

  • Identity document
  • (Digital) proof of your vaccination, negative test or recovery
  • Your university credentials (Unikennung)

I do not have a certificate, but a vaccination record booklet. Will this suffice as proof?

  • Identity document
  • If your vaccination record does not clearly state that you have been vaccinated or which vaccine has been used, we recommend that you consult a pharmacy and have them issue you with an EU vaccination certificate if necessary. This certificate is available free of charge. Please find a database containing the pharmacies that issue these certificates here:

Does the proof have to be in German?

  • Only proof provided in German can be accepted. If you have other certificates, please have them converted at one of the pharmacies listed in this database:

I have a digital vaccination certificate from another country (e.g. NHS App). Will this be accepted?

  • Digital certificates can only be accepted in the CovPass or the Corona-Warn app.

I have been vaccinated with Covishield. Is this valid as 3G proof?

  • Please present your vaccination record that states that you have received two doses of the Covishield vaccine and an identity document. Since Covishield is the same vaccine as Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca, UDE accepts this vaccine even though it has not formally received EU authorisation. Thus, you can register as vaccinated here.

My certificate/vaccine is not accepted here in the EU (e.g. Sinovac, Sputnik, etc.). What can I do?

  • In this case, you will have to continue to get tested on a regular basis in order to be able to participate in classes and events. Pursuant to Section 4a(3) of the new Coronavirus Test Regulation (Coronavirus-Testverordnung, TestV) passed by the Federal Government, coronavirus tests will remain free of charge for international students who have received a vaccine that has not been authorised in the EU between 21 September 2021 and 31 December 2021.
  • If you are interested in getting vaccinated with an EU-authorised vaccine, please consult a doctor for advice.

I am not vaccinated and have not recovered from Covid-19. How can I gain admission to classes and events at the University?

  • In order to be admitted to classes and events at the University, you have to get tested regularly. Please note that, as a rule, there will be a charge for tests from 11 October.

How long is the boarding pass valid for?

  • A boarding pass issued on the basis of a vaccination certificate is valid for one year, starting 14 days after the final vaccination.
  • Access authorisation issued on the basis of proof of recovery (e.g. a PCR test result) is valid for 6 months from the recovery date.
  • A negative rapid test or PCR test allows access authorisation for 24 hours, starting at the time the test was taken.

What happens with my data?

  • Only your university credentials, the issue date of the proof and the calculated expiration date of your pass are recorded. The type of proof is not stored. The data is deleted on the respective expiration date.

I do not have any proof: where can I get tested?

Where do I have to present my boarding pass?

  • Access authorisation will be checked for each individual when entering classes or events or, in some locations, when entering the building that the class or event is being held in. Spot identity checks will be carried out.