40. Tagung

der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Protozoologie


Online from 22-25 February 2021

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Micah Dunthorn and Dr. Nadine Graupner, Eukaryotic Microbiology group, University of Duisburg-Essen.


Live talks and poster presentations will be on Zoom - programme & abstract book.


To provide support and expand our protist community, all contributed talks will be given by either students or early postdocs. Posters can be contributed by students, postdocs, and senior researchers.


Registration and abstract submission is now closed. 

DGP 2021 Award Student or Early Researcher Awards


Best Oral Presentation

Place 1: Jannika Moye (University of Cologne, Germany)

Revealing the role of carbohydrate-active enzymes in microbial protoplast feeders by transcriptome-informed cell biology


Place 2: Rubén González-Miguéns (Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Spain)

Solving the morphology puzzle by an integrative taxonomy in genus Arcella (Arcellinida, Lobosea, Amoebozoa)


Place 3: Nathalie Amacker (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Describing protist feeding patterns to assess their ecological functions



Best Poster Presentation

Place 1: Maximilian H. Ganser (University of Salzburg, Austria)

DeSignate: detecting signature characters in gene sequence alignments for taxon diagnoses


Place 2: Jennifer Werner (University of Cologne, Germany)

Retention of microplastics by biofilms and its ingestion by protists


Place 3: Johannes Werner (University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany)

Experiments on the spatial distribution in a single-species system – Experiments with the ciliate Tetrahymena pyriformis

DGP Participants 2021
DGP Participants 2021