Prof. Dr. Heike Theyßen

Head of the Theyßen Working Group on Physics Education

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2011 University Professor (W2) at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Physics, Institute for Physics Education.
  • 2008 Habilitation in Physics Education, TU Dortmund, Title: "Adressatenspezifische Physikpraktika mit neuen Medien: Gegenstand von Forschung und Entwicklung (Targeted labwork courses in physics using new media - a topic in research and development)"
  • 1999 Dissertation (degree: Dr. rer. nat.), University of Bremen; Title: "Ein Physikpraktikum für Studierende der Medizin. Entwicklung und Evaluation eines adressatenspezifischen Praktikums nach dem Modell der Didaktischen Rekonstruktion (A labwork course in physics for medical students - development and evaluation of a targeted labwork course according to the model of educational reconstruction)"
  • 1996 First state teacher certification examination in physics and mathematics for teaching certification for secondary and grammar schools
  • 1993 Degree in Physics

Projects in Research and Education

  • Influence of different types of subject-specific prior knowledge on academic success in biology and physics (Einfluss verschiedener Typen fachspezifischen Vorwissens auf den Studienerfolg in Biologie und Physik) in collaboration with P. Schmiemann, A. Sandmann and B. Sures, project of the ALSTER research group; Project Info
  • PracticeLab Physics, sub-project in ProViel, supported by the BMBF within the framework of "Quality campaign teacher training" Project Info [german only]
  • Forstering experimental skills with worked examples and incremental scaffolds (Lösungsbeispiele und gestufte Lernhilfen zur Unterstützung des Erwerbs experimenteller Fähigkeiten), sub-project of post graduate programme SUSe I, funded by the MI-WF NRW; Post graduate programme [german only]
  • MiLeNa: Nachwuchsförderung in den MINT-Lehramtstudiengängen, in collaboration with: RWTH Aachen, Goethe-University Frankfurt, MINT-EC association, supported by: Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation; Project Info [german only]
  • Promoting experimental skills of elementary science teacher students (Förderung experimenteller Fähigkeiten von Sachunterrichtsstudierenden), Dissertation project Britta Kalthoff
  • Interactive Screen Experiments for Physics Lectures (Interaktive Vorlesungsdemonstrationsexperimente), in collaboration with A. Wucher within the framework of the E-Learning strategy, University of Duisburg-Essen; Project Info [german only]

Selection of completed projects

  • MeK-LSA, Measuring of experimental competence in Large Scale Assessments (Messung experimenteller Kompetenz in Large Scale Assessments), in collaboration with H. Schecker, University of Bremen, and K. Neumann, IPN Kiel, supported by the BMBF
  • Online Physics Lab Exercises for Medical Students (in collaboration with Ralf Widenhorn, Portland State University, and D. Schumacher, University of Düsseldorf; Results)
  • "eXkomp", Diagnostics of experimental competence (Diagnostik experimenteller Kompetenz), in collaboration with H. Schecker, University of Bremen; supported by the German Research Foundation; Project info
  • Sub-project physics in dortMINT (dortMINT is a project of the TU Dortmund, supported by the German Telekom-Foundation; Project info)
  • Media-supported excercises in physics classes (Mediengestützte Aufgaben im Physikunterricht), in collaboration with  K. Neumann, University of Duisburg-Essen, and B. Priemer, University of Bochum; supported by RuhrCampusOnline; Project info
  • "LiVeOptik", Learning media for optical lessons by comparison (Lernmedien im Vergleich für den Optikunterricht), in collaboration with H. Schecker and C. Brell; Project info
Prof. Dr. Heike Theyßen


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