The Duisburg University English Theatre (DUET) was started by Alan Webb and Elizabeth  von Schoff in 1981. Based on English, American and Irish workshops of acting and directing, it has been performing plays for well over 30 years. New members have joined us and stayed for several years, or just for one single production, so change is a constant factor with DUET. The group has been very small at some times, and very large at others.

We are students and ex-students; some of us are native speakers of English. Some of us have been on stage before, while others are complete newcomers. Some people may be in the middle of their exams while others have lots of time and are looking for challenges. We usually start at zero every term. People of all nationalities are welcome!

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The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but it is also the return of art to life. 
Oscar Wilde