„Power Systems and Grid Advanced Lab“ WS 2018/19 (ISE-Master EEE/PA)

Registration: All participants have to personally register electronically via in the EAN web page https://www.uni-due.de/ean unter "ONLINE ANMELDUNG PRAKTIKUM"
before 19.10.2018.
Later registrations can definitely not be considered!
Dates: The labs will be conducted on Mondays starting from 13.00 h at the following dates:29.10., 05.11., 12.11., 19.11., 26.11., 03.12., 10.12., 17.12., 07.01., 14.01., 21.01.
From the resulting number of groups it will depend which dates apply in particular. On

Monday, 22.10.2018, 13.00 h

a general introduction on on EAN labs and safety in the lab rooms will be conducted the attendance of which is mandatory for all lab participants; an only reserve date for this is on 29.10. 12.00h (same room).
Documents: The lab documents are downloadable from the EAN website. After 23.10.2018 to allocation of groups will be announced.
Requirement: For the successful completion of the course, it is a requirement to have passed all exercises. Comprehensive preparation is expected; the knowledge of participants will be evaluated before experiments are conducted.
Safety: All participants must have attended the lecture „Die Gefahren des elektrischen Stromes für den Menschen“ in advance; this is confirmed with the signature on the registration sheet.