Adult Education and Social Movements


Winter semester 2011/12, Wednesday 10-12h, two-week rhythm

After the great success of the International Course of Lectures in the last semesters, the University of Duisburg-Essen presents a new lecture series in winter semester 2011/12. The course is offered by the Department of Educational Sciences of the University of Duisburg-Essen in cooperation with the German Institute for Adult Education (Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung, DIE).

The previous topics have been "Essentials in Adult and Continuing Education in Europe", "Trends in Adult and Continuing Education in Europe", Professionalisation in Adult Education - International Perspectives", "Learning Cultures in Adult Education - European Perspectives" and "Networks in Adult Education - Cooperation on a regional, national and international level".

The topic of this year's lecture is "Adult Education and Social Movements". The lectures will give attention to examples of different social movements, e.g. worker's movement, women's movement and human rights movement.

Students and experts are also welcome to attend the lectures on campus in the Library Hall (Bibliothekssaal) at the Campus Essen. This year's lecture will take place every two-weeks on Wednesday, 10-12 h. All lectures will be streamed to the internet, so that experts and students from all over the world can take part just in time or watch the presentations later. All presentations of the last five years have been recorded on DVD and are available by email to


The European Master of Adult Education (EMAE) was founded in the Erasmus Curriculum Development Project which was promoted by the European Union (EU). Unter the guidance of the University of Duisburg-Essen, eight universities from seven European countries developed it with the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE).

The project includes a European curriculum for the Master course in Adult Education. It is conducted by a network of European universities and the acquired accomplishments are accepted mutually.


Human Rights Campaigning and Adult Education Learning - A multi-faceted Relationship
Wim Taelman (Belgium)
Worker's Movement and Adult Education
John Holford (United Kingdom)
Women's Movement and Adult Education
Overcoming Gender Violence from Dialogic Feminism
Lídia Puigvert (Spain)


ATTAC - An Education Movement with Action Character and Expertise
Kristine Karch (Germany)


Citizens' Movement and their Influence at non-formal Adult Education - Expertise of Ukraine

 Svitlana Zakrevska

Views on Adult Education and Social Movements

 Daniel Kober

























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