Counselling services

Good advice is priceless


ABZ, IO, SCIES, IBZ and LuDi - these abbreviations stand for centres whose professional staff have the answers to just about any question students care to ask about university life. Prospective students often go straight to the Academic Counselling Centre for Study and Career Development (ABZ) which, like the International Office (IO), is responsible for all disciplines at the university.

A how-to guide to studying: at the ABZ, the General Academic Guidance and Career Service offer a broad range of services for students at all stages of their university career and beyond. The teams are aware of the demands of everyday university life and at the same time offer courses to help students improve their chances on the job market after graduation. They also provide training for older students to develop key skills and organise orientation seminars or guided tours of the university's labs and institutes for school students.

On the subject of young students, the UDE offers a number of programmes for gifted pupils. For example, they can obtain their first university credits before completing secondary education and explore the world of natural science and technology in a trial course or, in the case of female students, at the university's summer school. The university maintains close contacts with schools.

The International Office (IO) is responsible for co­operation at international level. For students who want to study abroad or need to finance their studies, the IO is the right place to come. It also takes care of prospective and present foreign students and doctoral candidates and visiting academics from abroad.

Specific advice relating to the faculties is available throughout the university. Some faculties, however, have set up their own separate facilities, like the Support Centre for (Inter)national Engineering Students (SCIES) especially for the engineering sciences.

Who can help me with grants or scholarships? How do I find a placement? The SCIES team is there to answer these and other questions. They help prospective engineers to get the most out of their studies - and to enjoy themselves in the process. They also provide information on where interesting events such as career fairs, talks and presentations or cultural activities are taking place in the Rhine-Ruhr region.

LuDi stands for the mathematics learning and discussion centre. This is where maths geniuses can come to work out mathematical problems - if necessary with the help of experienced fellow students. They are there to provide all mathematics students with clever tips and help to make LuDi an ideal place to read, learn, think, ask questions, and discuss.

The Information and Advisory Centre (IBZ) was set up at the Faculty of Social Sciences as a point of contact for sociology and political science students in relation to their subject. It also deals with questions concerning study planning or exam coordination and helps to arrange interesting placements, practice-based projects or periods of study abroad.

Knowing where to ask is all there is to it: with the right tips and information, students can make their studies all the more interesting and varied - right through to graduation.

International Office

The International Office is the central service office for international contacts of the University of Duisburg-Essen. We are located on both campuses, in Duisburg and Essen. This means that counselling can take place on each campus. The aim is to help foreign students, post-graduates and other applicants who are interested in our courses of studies. The International Office especially advises them on matters of application and enrolment, and it is in charge of all matters concerning the admission of foreign students.

Student Councelling and Academic Career Services (ABZ)

ABZ assists University of Duisburg-Essen students and alumni to identify, explore and implement their educational and career goals and also collaborates with the local labour offices. It provides a wide range of services that include support for many aspects of student life, particularly offering information, advice and guidance at different levels. You will find it on both campuses sites and its advice is free of charge, impartial and confidential.

Student Residence Service Essen-Duisburg

The Student Residence Service Essen-Duisburg provides information on housing, financing, health insurance and student life.

Support Centre for (Inter)national Engineering Students

The Support Centre for (Inter)national Engineering Students (SCIES) is a centre at the Faculty of Engineering with offices on campus Duisburg and campus Essen. The mission of SCIES is to support all students at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and to help them gain the best from their experiences at UDE.