Guidelines of the University

Guidelines of the University

The University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), one of the largest German universities, is committed to meeting its social responsibilities. To carry out the educational mandate with which it has been charged and to help drive the economic transformation of our region, we subscribe to national and international standards in the fields of research, education and management.

We see our university as a homogenous whole inclusive of all subjects and all members and therefore strive for an interdisciplinary network and for the extensive participation of all academics, employees and students in the challenge of shaping the future of the UDE.

In the field of research, we prioritize four interdisciplinary areas:
• nanosciences
• biomedical sciences
• urban systems and metropolitan areas
• change of contemporary societies

We adhere to the traditional university unity of research and education. 

We create the best-possible study and work conditions in all subjects and at all levels of study in order to offer an academic education based on science and research, striking out in new directions to do so. In designing our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, we are guided by various individual and societal requirements within the context of life-long learning.

The further development of teacher training in the research and education sectors is a significant aspect of our university profile. During the process of changing over to bachelor/master courses of study, we are rigorously pursuing a policy of quality standard conformance and aiming to create the best-possible conditions for study.

We consider the heterogeneity of our students and employees as a unique opportunity and promote diversity via select management measures. Here we understand 'diversity' as a contribution to educational equality and academic excellence. Gender equality is an integral part of these endeavours.

Within the framework of the university management system, we aim to maintain an appropriate balance between a central profile and a decentralized system of selfgovernance and self-responsibility. The instruments of target and performance agreements, budget management, cost control and staff development all got to serve our stringent quality assurance policies.

As a member of the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr), we work together with the Ruhr University of Bochum and the Technical University of Dortmund to coordinate our efforts to encourage the Ruhr as a science region, creating a unique profile, setting priorities and establishing scientific and organizational networks.

Tolerance and Peaceful Collaboration

We are committed to treating everyone we meet at the university with respect, honesty and trust regardless of his or her position, nationality, religion, gender or other attribute. We are guided by the ideal of creating conditions under which every member of the university community can realize his or her full potential and make a contribution on the basis of his or her unique aptitudes and capabilities. Where we stand


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An overview University-Presentation

A presentation of the UDE for download (PDF). You can also find it as a Powerpoint presentation in the internal area for staff.