Worldwide partnerships International university cooperations

Students from 130 countries attend the University, from A as in America through C as in China and I as in India to T as in Turkey or Z as in Zaire. Young people come from every end of the earth to the centrally located university in the heart of Europe.

European student exchange programme ERASMUS Partner Universities

The SOCRATES/ERASMUS programme of the European Union is aimed at students from the EU member states and from countries with which the EU has agreements regarding this programme. Sponsorship is awarded for between three and twelve months. Over 17,273 students came to Germany in this way for a study visit in the 2004/05 university year.

The University Duisburg-Essen cooperates with more than 250 Erasmus universities in 25 countries.

Global alliances Liaison offices abroad

South-east asia
The Mercator offices of the University Duisburg-Essen are located on the campuses of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and the Universitas Indonesia (UI) within the faculty of engineering. They ensure a long-lasting presence of the UDE in the entire boom region of Southeast Asia.

UA Ruhr Offices
Germany's academic triangle is a consortium of 3 universities located within 20 minutes of one another, along the Ruhr river. This is Germany's largest academic hub.