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AlphaGalileo is the world’s independent source of research news. It distributes news releases and other information from science, health, technology, the arts, humanities, social sciences and business to the world’s media. The moderated news service is provided by the independent not-for-profit organisation, AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd.
AlphaGalileo only occasionally originates news material or writes releases. It acts as bridge between the research community and the media.
AlphaGalileo receives science news from prominent scientific organisations and disseminates it on their behalf to the world’s media. We provide 24/7 access to press releases, event details, publications, multimedia items and broadcast media, reporting on the recent developments in research.

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Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e.V. (idw)

The information service Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e.V. (idw) bundles information for you. It allows you unrestricted and direct access to current firsthand reports via the Internet. This service is fast, simple and free. The idw aims to bring science and the public into contact. As a nonprofit association with hundreds of affiliated institutions  — universities, research institutes, foundations, academies, research companies, specialist companies and a number of further scientific institutions located mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland — idw provides one of the most important Internet platforms for scientific information in the German-speaking world.

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