Tolerance and Peaceful Collaboration

The UDE: dedicated to tolerance and peaceful collaboration Where We Stand

Our university is dedicated to tolerance and peaceful collaboration. We are committed to treating everyone we meet at the university with respect, honesty and trust regardless of his or her position, nationality, religion, gender or other attribute. We are guided by the ideal of creating conditions under which every member of the university community can realize his or her full potential and make a contribution on the basis of his or her unique aptitudes and capabilities.

Together with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, we want to ensure that the people working, teaching or studying at the University of Duisburg-Essen can exercise their rights, guaranteed by law, to freedom in science and the arts.

We defend the freedom to publish and share scientific opinions. Freedom of research applies, in particular, to the objectives and methodology of research projects as well as the analysis and dissemination of research results. Freedom of teaching applies, in particular, to the manner in which lectures and seminars are designed and conducted and the right to issue authoritative scientific opinions.

Scientific discourse is by definition objective and constructive. The ability to take a critical view of one’s own opinion and to simultaneously consider opposing points of view is indispensable here. Conveying this basic scientific attitude to students and young scientists is a central part of the curriculum. And putting these ideals into practice is the task of everyone teaching, working or conducting research at the UDE.