Vice-Rector for Research, Career Development & Science Transfer

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The role and key responsibilities of the Vice Rectorate for Research, Career Development & Science Transfer’s can be found on this page, including current projeects and points of contact.

Role and Key Responsibilities of the Vice Rectorate

Research Funding
  • Drafting decisions regarding the development, implementation, and continual advancement of the university’s research profile in liaison with the university’s faculties and committees (University Council, University Board, Senate, and Research Committee)
  • Assisting with the establishment of special research centres, research teams, post-graduate programmes, interdisciplinary scientific centres and facilities, and associated institutes
  • Drafting decisions to secure the procurement of research equipment in liaison with the Head of Administration
  • Managing research funds/grants
  • Managing UDE’s participation in the Mercator Research Centre Ruhr (MERCUR) initiative
  • Collaboration and exchange with external, non-academic research facilities
  • Promoting scientific events
  • Proposing decisions to award academic prizes
  • Managing evaluation of research initiatives
Career Development for Junior Academic Staff
  • Drafting decisions regarding the creation of structured doctoral programmes; supervising accreditation and evaluation processes
  • Coordinating the organisation and content of post-graduate education (Graduate Center Plus)
  • Supporting the University Faculties in the development of regulations for doctoral and post-doctoral proceedings
  • Strategies and implementation to promote exceptional early career researchers (e.g. the Emmy Noether Programme)
Research and Technology Transfer
  • Publishing the university’s research report and biannual editions of UNIKATE
  • Setting strategic targets for technology transfer and start-ups
  • Developing and fine-tuning a transfer strategy
  • Responsible for the IP portfolio (registration of invention and patent strategy)
  • Organising partnerships with national industry and international business
  • Shareholder and partner in PROvendis GmbH

The Vice Rector for Research, Career Development & Science Transfer has the following additional roles and responsibilities:

  • External representation of UDE research (including towards funding authorities/bodies)
  • Chair or member of a variety of internal committees and non-academic external panels, commissions and advisory boards
  • Member of the Research Council of the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr)
  • Member of UDE’s Research Board

Vice-Rector for Research

Reach the Vice-Rector Contact

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Dagmar Führer-Sakel

Executive Assistant
Dr. Mark Halawa-Sarholz

Dr. Katrin Matiss