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The role and key responsibilities of the Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning’s can be found on this page, including current projects and points of contact. If you have any questions regarding the Vice Rectorate and/or our web presence, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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Isabell van Ackeren

Role and Key Responsibilities of the Vice Rectorate

Fundamental Questions Regarding Teaching, Learning, and Continuing Education
  • Strategy for teaching, learning and continuing education
  • Strategy for digitalisation in teaching and learning
  • Concept for integrating “Business Intelligence” into teaching and learning
  • Concept for “Open University” (in partnership with the Vice Rector for Social Responsibility, Diversity & International Affairs)
Quality Assurance and Development in Teaching and Learning
  • Quality reviews with University Faculties
  • Meetings with student departmental organisations and student ombudsman scheme
  • Further development of the QM-System in teaching and learning (in partnership with the Vice Rector for Development and Resource Planning)
  • Concept for evidence-based quality development utilising surveys, student progress analysis, and ECTS monitoring
  • Concept for structured development of the teaching competence of professorial and other staff, providing more freedem to develop and innovate teaching methods
  • Developing quality standards for mentoring
  • Optimising the student life-cycle and creating transitions
  • Linguistic and written competence, including linguistic assessment, writing workshops, and assessment standards
  • MINT entry route: foundation courses and assessments
Increasing the Attractiveness of the University as a Desirable Location for Teaching and Learning
  • Promoting innovative teaching and learning concepts
  • Promoting attractive degree courses
  • Joint teaching and learning space provided by the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr); also
  • Collaboration with Universities of Applied Sciences (“Bachelor of Art” Teacher Training courses at Berufskolleg, e-learning)
  • Providing greater flexibility with regard to the prescribed duration of courses (e.g. offering part-time courses, flex-courses)
  • Competitions and awards: participation and call for entries
  • Media and social media presence, conferences, publications
Project "Focus on Equity in Education" in the Context of the Federal and State Government Programme, “Teaching Quality Pact”
  • Project management, conferences and monitoring
  • Transfer and sustainability
Teacher Training
  • Practical stages/practical training semester, collaboration with Zentrum für Schulpraktische Lehrerausbildung (Institute for In-School Teacher Training) and schools
  • Leading the project Professionalisierung für Vielfalt – ProViel (Professionalisation for Diversity) in the context of the Federal and State Government Programme titled “Teacher Training Quality Campaign”
  • Universal themes: digitalisation and inclusion
Leadership of and Responsibility for Additional Programmes

The Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning has the following additional roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for HR and Finance for all the departments encompassed in the teaching and learning budget
  • Internal communication and agenda setting
  • Topic-focused external representation of the Teaching and Learning Group
  • Chair or member of a variety of internal committees and non-academic external panels, commissions, advisory boards and working groups

What courses, advice and options for continued education does UDE offer?

For students: Our centralised web portal at provides access to the list of courses we offer as well as:

  • information about applying and enrolling for study,
  • funding and scholarships,
  • advice and services offered,
  • student organisations,
  • continuing education,
  • visiting and guest students and international affairs, and
  • information about student life, culture, communications, and exchanges.

For teachers: Services include:

What does good teaching mean at UDE and what are our developmental goals?

Our web portal at provides centralised information about teaching and learning, including information and links to:

  • UDE’s teaching strategy
  • Teaching Day (Tag der Lehre),
  • e-learning pages,
  • streamlined courses, and
  • the continuing education and advice services available to teaching staff.

What if questions or problems with your course can’t be resolved on site?

The central student ombudsman service at is available to provide advice and support. The goal is to ensure students’ satisfaction with the academic conditions as well as the advice and support they receive all the while continually improving the quality of teaching and learning. The student ombudsman service works very closely with the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Learning.

Reach the Vice-Rector Contact

Prof. Dr. Isabell van Ackeren

Executive Assistant
Natalie Velibeyoglu

Markus Jacobi