Magic Fluo Diver - First in HighTech Fluorescence
Horst Grunz
HighTech Fluoreszenz, eine Methode zur Erfassung von Umweltschäden Nachttauchgänge mit HiTec Fluoreszenz




My research as molecular biologist and developmental biologist prior to retirement concentated on the study of the central nervous system and early development of mesodermal derivatives (muscle, kidney, blood. Our interest have been focussed on stem cell research with molecular genetic methods. Model systems were amphibian embryos from Triturus, Ambystoma and Xenopus. The South Afrrican clawed frog Xenopus laevis is a favored animal, since it can be stimulated by hormons for egg spawning over the whole year. Sir Prof.Dr.John Gurdon (Cambridge) was the first, who was successful in cloning about 30 years prior to the clone sheep Dolly. Our Xenopus community is happy that he now won the Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology in 2013 for his results as a pioneer in stem cell research.

After my retirement I returned to my roots as Zoologist. As biologist, diver, photo/ videofilmer, marine biologist and constructor of HiTec underwater fluorescence torches I was very fascinated about the coral reef as a new magic world under fluorecent illumniation. However, my interest is not limited on nice fluorecence photos only, but I am interested in the analysis of whole reef areas. Our HighPower fluorescence torches allow a large scale scanning (surveys) of wide areas of the reef. In night dives with fluorecence living and (partially) dead corals can distinguished. This method is especially useful to detect tiny young corals (recruits, abour 1 mm). The presence of these primary polyps informs us about the status of the reef (a regenerating or dying of this very sensitive ecosystem).

1970 - 2005 Use of Fluorescence in the lab
2007 OWD (Open Water Diver, PADI)
2007 AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI)
2008 First night dives with own HiTec/HighPower fluorescence torches in El Quseir, Ägypten
2008 Night dives with fluorecence on the Seychells
2009 Night dives with fluorescence in the El Quadin Bay, El Quseir
2011 Reef check with HiTec Fluoreszence in El Quseir
2012 Reef check with HiTec Fluoreszence in Dahab in cooperation with RSEC
2013 Reef check with HiTec Fluoreszence iin Marsa Shagara near Marsa Alam

The result can be seen in several youTube movies > see under Links

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YouTube Filme mit Fluoreszenz HiTec Leuchten

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2009 10:06 min

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2010 9:08 min

Nachttauchgänge El Quseir 2011 5:24 min

Nachttauchgänge in Dahab 2012 11: 11 min

Korallenkrankheiten - Reef Check mittels Fluoreszenz Dahab 2012 8:22 min

Drachenkopf 4:16 min

SUBEX als Sponsor 7:10 min

Dahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White)

Einführung in die Fluoreszenz-Nachttauchgänge (Marsa Shagra Sept 2013) 8:02 min