Magic Fluo Diver - First in HighTech Fluorescence
Horst Grunz
HighTech Fluoreszenz, eine Methode zur Erfassung von Umweltschäden Nachttauchgänge mit HiTec Fluoreszenz



This is the first HiTec/HighPower - underwater fluorescence torch worldwide, which I have constructed in 2007. It contains 4 blue OSTAR SMI chips mit 4 highpower LEDs each (totally 16 LEDs). At this time a fluorescence torch of nightsea was available with one LED only. This sort of torch is still in use in many daving bases. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors published in 2009 my article under the topic Success Stories.

I used the emty HSI housing of TillyTec for the OSRAM LEDs and Step down buck Converters. The torch head is normally connected via a cabel to the 12V, 9A Akku(see

In this figure the Dichroic-Filter behind the font glass can be seen. We use this filter from the very beginning. Light & Motion uses also such filter in their Sola.Nichtsea torch

Here are shown the 4 SMT-chips with 4 LEDs each. One reflector is already mounted.

The torch pior to the assembly

The LEDs need an effective cooling by ALU-blocks, which have contact to the housing > effect is water cooling.

Here we the relative short TillyTec Pro torch head with 3 blue LUMINUS - LEDs. Instead of StepDownBuck Converter I used resistors

Here the 3 blue (460 nm, royal blue) SST-LEDs (LUMINUS are shown)

This is my torch with 6 white (5500º Kelvin) LUMINUS-LEDs (around 200 Watt). The white light can be converted with a special flipUp filter to 450-465 nm-465 nm.

Look on the 6 white-light (5500º Kelvin )LEDs.

The blue light of this torch with 4 CREE Leds can be covertet by a flippable phospor filter into white light (5500º Kelvin).see als the YouTube movieDahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White).


Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2009 10:06 min

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2010 9:08 min

Nachttauchgänge El Quseir 2011 5:24 min

Nachttauchgänge in Dahab 2012 11: 11 min

Korallenkrankheiten - Reef Check mittels Fluoreszenz Dahab 2012 8:22 min

Drachenkopf 4:16 min

SUBEX als Sponsor 7:10 min

Dahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White)

Einführung in die Fluoreszenz-Nachttauchgänge (Marsa Shagra Sept 2013) 8:02 min