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1) 6 LUMINUS white 2) 3 LUMINUS white 3) 1 LUMINUS white 4) 3 CREE warm white 5) 3 CREE white 5500 ºK 6) TillyTec LED 1500
7) OSRAM LEDs blue 8) 4 CREE blue

9) 3 CREE blue 3x1380mA

10) 3 CREE white 11) night.sea torch 12) TT3 NiMH Akku
13) TT3 LiMnO-Akku 14) TT3 NiCd-Akku 15) TT2 LiFeSO4-Akkus 16) Cover with special excitation filters    

I used empty housings for the torch heads of the TillyTec - System. The torches contain HiTec LEDs and special electronics (KSQs). No. 7 was my

first HiTec (High Power) torch. It was first mentioned by OSRAM Semiconductors under " Success Stories".

My newest construction is a torch head with 6 white powerful HiTec LUMINUS LEDs (No.1, 6 x 2250 Lumen). For fluorescence I use a set ofl special

excitation filters, which allow the omission of blue LEDs. Therefore powerful white and blue light is available with the same torch. The white

light (about 200 Watt) allows the illumination and screening of a large reef area ( 30 x 40 meter).

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