Magic Fluo Diver - First in HighTech Fluorescence
Horst Grunz
HighTech Fluoreszenz, eine Methode zur Erfassung von Umweltschäden Nachttauchgänge mit HiTec Fluoreszenz



Commercial torches


Since 2007 we have constructed several HiTec/High Power Underwater-Fluorescence torches, which are shown on the right panel and under History. Meanwhile a large number of commercial torches are on the market. From the very beginning I used empty housing from TillyTec, which were filled with my LEDs and electronics. Therefore it is a pleasure for me that TillyTec now also offers very strong blue torches at very competitive prizes.

My newest sortiment is shown here.

This is the new MPL 1500UV of TillyTec with 3 blue HighPower LEDs. The results of my test in Hamata (South Egypt) is shown on the WEB-page of TillyTec under News. It is described thre as MPL 1000UV > TillyTec Web-Its handling is elegant and the prize is very competitiv. The rechargeable LiCoMn-Akku provides contineaous illumination longer than 1 hour.

I have also tested the Sola.Nightsea (Light & Motion) in Sept.2013 in Marsa Shagra. The figure shows the situation when a Special Filter (details threre) is added to a white Sola Light, which converts the daylight into blue light. All torches from Light & Motion have the same diameter of the front glass.


The results with the Sola.Nightsea are impressive. In Marsa Shagra also our workshop will take place in May 2015 (see under News). This torch with the choice of flood and spot is quite more expensive (prizes starting at ab 649 Euro). The torch is also relative small in size and easy to operate.



YouTube Filme mit Fluoreszenz HiTec Leuchten

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2009 10:06 min

Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2010 9:08 min

Nachttauchgänge El Quseir 2011 5:24 min

Nachttauchgänge in Dahab 2012 11: 11 min

Korallenkrankheiten - Reef Check mittels Fluoreszenz Dahab 2012 8:22 min

Drachenkopf 4:16 min

SUBEX als Sponsor 7:10 min

Dahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White)

Einführung in die Fluoreszenz-Nachttauchgänge (Marsa Shagra Sept 2013) 8:02 min