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Construction of HightPower fluorescence torches since 2007

Unique strong blue light torch (No UV) on the basis of the Maxi Uni of TillyTec (exclusive rights for the sale of the underwater fluorescence torch, Horst Grunz)

Important: Torches with UV-light (trivial: black light) give lousy results (see also the article of my US-colleague Charles Mazel, nightsea)

In April 2016 (issue No. 88) I have published an article in the professional diver journal DIVEMASTER about the importance of the right combination of fluorescence torches and excitation/barrier filters. This article has been published in German. To reach also the divers outside the German speaking community I have prepared an English manuscript, which can be downloaded as a pdf-file. Here is the link > Titel Blue and Not UV

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