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Horst Grunz
HighTech Fluoreszenz, eine Methode zur Erfassung von Umweltschäden Nachttauchgänge mit HiTec Fluoreszenz




Have a look on my newest YouTube movie with my novel FlipUpVisor filters Short version (Director's Cut. 3 min.)click here

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My article in Taucher.Net describes the conversion from White to Blue and Blue to White

I can offer the Special Excitation Filters to very competetiv prizes (30-50 % less than the commercial providers. As a private person I do not need further dealers and dive shops. For TillyTec I produce filters for all torches (I have the exclusive rights). I use the Original empty filter housing of TillyTec and equip them with my special filters. Orders should reach me early prior to planned dive holidays, since it is impossible to have expensive filters of various size in stock (you reach me under Contact).

Excitation Filter

Our special filters convert daylight of strobes (5500 - 6500º Kelvin into blue light (450-465 nm), which is essential for fluorescence stimulation. We use a Dichroic glass filter plus a special foil, which blocks wavelenghtes higher than 500 nm. Stobes have a strong contingent of wavelenghts between 500-700 nm, which overexposes the blue wavelength up till 500 nm and prevents fluorescence. Some providers argue that a plastic foil is sufficent for good results. This is not convincing. Also my colleague Charles Mazel (MIT engineer and founder of nightsea) recommends the use of dichroic glass filters with or without additional special foil. For blue LEDs (450-460 nm) I use from the very beginning (2007) an additional dichroic glsas filter.

We integrate this dichroic filter also in very strong torches with blue LEDs (royal-blue, 450 nm), which is superior to the use of strobes. For video documentation the use of flash is anyhow excluded. In our opinion the operation of strong blue light torches (450-465 nm) in combination with a dichroic filter gives the best results, i.e. brilliant colors (rain bow) with intensive red fluorescence.

We offer different types of flter: 1. Conversion of Underwater-strobes (5500-6500º Kelvin) into blue light (450-465 nm) 2. Conversion of white LED-torches into Blue Light torches 3. Bluelight (450-465 nm ) into daylight (5500º Kelvin) Details see at Store


Barrier Filter for the AquakungLOOK2 mask, details see here

Barrier Filter for the XS Scuba GoPro mask, details see here

GoPro mount on dive mask , Do it yourself (YouTube) details see here


I like to point out that an optimal watching and documentation of fluorescence is possible with a yellow filter on the mask and the camera only. The argument that by the operation of UV-light (400 nm or less; sometimes called black light) additional excitation and barrier filter are not necessary is evidently wrong. Poor results are the best proof against this opinion. The reason is that the divers do not like additional equipment on the mask and the annoying handling. Still in use are yellow filters with rubberstrap, which are placed in front of the mask. Especially beginners with night dives often get rid of this item during the dive. Therefore I have introduced FlipUpVisors, either directly connected with special masks (Aqualung, Octomask, Scuba GoMask) or a Head strap mount for Hero action cameras. The advantage is that the filter has a tough mounting and can be fliped up in seconds. The latter is important for a quick change from observation in white (normal) light to watching of the fluoescent targets with the yellow filter. The use of special diving masks with a adapter for action cameras fluorescence is in my opinion the best solution. I have tested a AqualungLOOK2 equipped with my yellow filter and I did not feel any inconvenience.



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Nachttauchgänge in El Quseir 2009 10:06 min

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Dahab 2012 Use of a phosphor-filter (Blue into White)

Einführung in die Fluoreszenz-Nachttauchgänge (Marsa Shagra Sept 2013) 8:02 min