Good Scientific Practice

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Securing Quality Standards in Research

Ensuring scientific quality standards, in particular the truthfulness and precision in research, is a central task of the UDE members and affiliates. Violations and misconduct are consistently pursued.

Direct contact persons for violations of good scientific practice or suspected scientific misconduct are the four mediators at the UDE.

Rules of Good Scientific Practice

The rules of good scientific practice should include principles in particular for the following topics:

- general principles of scientific work, e.g.:

  • work lege artis,

  • documentation of results,

  • scepticism of own findings,

  • honesty towards contributions of partners, competitors and predecessors,

- cooperation and management responsibility in working groups,

- support of early career researchers,

- backup and storage of primary data,

- scientific publications.                                   (DFG, 2013)

Follow the link to download the DFG Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" (as of August 2019):

Our Service: Workshops on Good Scientific Practice

With a trained Good scientific practice (GSP) instructor in the GC Plus team, we are in the position to offer GSP workshops to make early career researchers more familiar with the rules of good scientific practice. We integrate the workshops into our current offers, but also offer individual adapted workshops on request. From an intensive workshop lasting a few hours on specific individual topics to a comprehensive two-day workshop – almost anything is possible. The offer is aimed in particular at structured doctoral programmes, but is not limited to them. Depending on your wishes, the trusted third parties or experts from the University Library (e.g. on copyright) and other institutions with whom we are in regular contact will be involved in the workshops. We're looking forward to your inquiry!

Good Scientific Practice at UDE

General information, contact and links on good scientific practice


Recommendations for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Download the recommendations for safeguarding good scientific practice at the UDE (June 2018, only in German)

Download PDF

Predatory Publishing

Media reports are currently drawing attention to dubious business practices that have been on the scientific publishing system for some time.

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Further Information and Literature

Principles of good scientific practice

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SCIENCE Information for Authors

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