Symposium: "Affect and Gender between Academia, Arts and Activism Genealogies – Methodologies – normativities"

Start: 09.05.2019 00:00:00

Ende: 10.05.2019 00:00:00

The establishment of gender as a major analytical category in the humanities and social sciences has enabled scholars to explore the construction of social norms and the sexual organisation of society in new and fruitful ways. In parallel, emotions, and more lately affect have emerged as categories to re-think social theory. Engaged in promoting an interdisciplinary dialogue, this symposium intends to connect research on gender and on affect so as to contribute to the on-going discussion on the following questions: What do studies of affect and emotion gain from a better understanding of gender dynamics? Conversely, what role do affective dynamics play in power constellations and gendered normative orders? How do histories of social movements and counter cultures inform contemporary ways of thinking and doing affect? What are the various methodological challenges at the intersection of gender and affect research? These ideas will be at the heart of three thematic panels, which aim to foster intensive discussions and collaborative thinking.