Individual Projects

German Record Linkage Center

Worldwide, the question of data protection gains more and more attention. It is required to develop data protection to defend data and information of people, companies or organizations against external influences.
The project on "Privacy Secure linking of information" focuses on three essential pillars: 1.The anonymization of spatial data , 2.The names of encryption cancer registries and 3. The merging of Neonatal- and Perinataldata of all births in germany.

Responsible Scientists
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schnell, Institute für of Sociology >mehr
Stefan Bender (Research Data Centre of the Federal Employment Agency ( BA ) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB))

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Governance in China

The Project 'Governance in China' depicts an analysis of China's development by considering the local level of society. The research question, why development on a local level is rapidly increasing, acts as a steady golden thread in this research. Senior Professor Thomas Heberer of the Universität Duisburg-Essen and a network of expertise aim to examine these Local Cadres as Strategic Groups in relation to state and local Governance.

Involved scientist
Senior Professor Thomas Heberer, Institute of Political Science

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Alternative forms of poverty reduction: the new economy of pity. Inventory and exploration.

The research project aims on comprehensively overviewing the shapes of alternative forms of poverty reduction (such as food banks, charity stores or soup kitchens). The central question is to what extent and in what ways a parallel system has been established - alongside the existing system of poverty reduction.

Project Management
Prof. Dr. Fabian Kessl, Institute of Social Work and Social Policy, University Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Dr. Axel Groenemeyer, Institute of Social Education , Adult Education and Early Childhood Education , University of Dortmund

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PolMine: Project for corpus-assisted policy research

The emergence of new and overlapping fields of political fields force research to find new ways to analyze the genesis and development of policies. At the same time more extensive data sets are available due to electronic storage and the process of making primary data from political debates and programs increasingly available. Can Methods help at the interface between quantitative and qualitative methods in the management and use of such rich material? With the "PolMine: Project for corpus-assisted policy research", Prof. Dr. Andreas Blätte developed jointly with other researchers, new computational methods of discourse analysis.

Involved Scientist
Prof. Dr. Andreas Blätte, Institute of Political Science

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Plötzlich verwundbar - suddenly vulnerable

9/11 has changed many lives from one day to another and its happenings last on influence. An image of terror remains in the minds of people. Prof. Carsten Ullrich and Dr. Daniela Schiek from university Duisburg-Essen examine whether the 9/11 has influenced a young generation of german people. The research is carried out across national borders.

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