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Women’s Day 2021

From October 06 to October 07, 2021, we met for the first Women's Day in the women's circle of the RTG WisPerMed in Bochum.

The aim was an exchange about individual experiences as a woman in science, e.g. with discrimination, the effect of stereotypes as well as the sense and purpose of gender-appropriate language. In particular, the reports on the experiences of successful female career paths revealed interesting perspectives.

To conclude the first day, we watched the movie "Picture a Scientist - Women of Science". In line with the topics of the workshop, the film is about women in science based on case studies from the last 20 years, who were exposed to discrimination from the very beginning in the course of their professional development and led a constant struggle for recognition, respect and equal rights. More info on the film can be found here: https://mindjazz-pictures.de/filme/picture-a-scientist/.

In conclusion, many exciting ideas for further workshops and activities of the RTG for the next year emerged, which will be further prepared in small groups.

In real lifeAnnual Retreat 2021

From September 13 to September 14, 2021, the first annual retreat of the research training group WisPerMed took place in Willingen, Sauerland. This retreat is not only special due to the fact that it is the first retreat, but also because all PIs, PhDs and the team saw each other gathered in real life for the first time. In addition to social activities such as team-building activities, workshops were held in which the PhDs were able to help shape the curriculum and the next steps. A special focus was on the collaboration in interdisciplinary working groups, as well as the discussion of the current state of the research projects. As a guest we were able to win Prof. Henning Müller, who, in addition to an exciting lecture on the current research approaches from his department, was able to provide valuable input for the research projects of the RTG.

Here we go!WisPerMed starts on 01.03.2021

The research training group WisPerMed will start on March 01, 2021 with a total of 12 PhD students. More information about the research projects can be found under the menu item 1st cohort.