reddot design award

Electric vehicles, offered today are traditional vehicles with an electric engine. That causes high fees and lots of technical inadequacies (short range and long charging time). So at present the market opportunities especially concerning critical and young customers are not estimated very high. By the project ColognE-mobil at the Rhine-Ruhr area we worked out that people don’t want to pay more than 25.500 Euros for electric vehicles, but the currently offered electric vehicles cost at least 35.000 Euros.


Therefore completely new designed vehicle concepts and multimodal traffic concepts (combinations of different common carriers) are required, which consider the technical challenges (inadequacies) and the economic needs (high costs and customer requirements) at the same time as providing new variances in design and development in electric technology compared with combustion engines. Thereby costs can be saved and the additional benefits of the new vehicle- and mobility concepts can become evident. Additional benefits are given for example by additional technical capacities like platooning or corporately requested extra outputs like using the battery as an energy storage.

We cooperate with the Chair of Mechatronics (Prof. Dieter Schramm) and the Folkwang University of Arts (Prof. Kurt Mehnert, President and Chair of Industrial Design | Strategy & Vision. The Ph. D. Dipl. - Des. Maila Thon designs in cooperation of the chairs the concept of an electric vehicle 2025 regarding customers’ requirements, technical facilities and design variances.

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Designstudie  eines Elektrofahrzeugs in Zusammenarbeit mit der Folkwang Universität der Künste