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This course is concerned with an in-depth analysis of strategies in a dynamic environment, i.e. strategies to support the implementation of competitive advantages over time in the event of

  • Changes in the environment of automotive companies (risks and crises),
  • Changes in the competitive environment of the automotive industry (falling price premium, overcapacities and export competition as well as value-destroying cooperations) and
  • Changes in the relative distribution of competencies (in direct competition with competitors and in competition between automotive manufacturers and suppliers),

which can be derived from the market- and resource-oriented views of strategic management.

Teaching form:

Lecture with integrated case studies

Educational objective:

Students will become familiar with seven dynamic strategies:

  • Systematic risk management
  • Systematic crisis management
  • Efficient price premium management
  • Coordinated multiple market management
  • Systematic cooperation management
  • Management of competence development in horizontal competition with direct competitors
  • Management of competence development in vertical competition between manufacturers and suppliers.

They will understand the selection and organizational anchoring of consistent dynamic strategy bundles that can contribute to improving the automotive industry’s capital market valuation.

Course achievement:

Written examination, duration 60 min.


Frau Prof. Dr. Heike Proff

Contact Person:

Mr. Gregor Szybisty (M.Sc.)




Basic skills in strategic (automobile) management.


Documents for research and study are available online at Moodle.