Six principles of our research activity

  1. Combination of business administration and economics (unit of economics)
  2. Examination of original problems of international (automobile) management
  3. Investigation of intercultural influences on international (automotive) management
  4. Investigation of current changes in the environment in the automotive industry such as electromobility and digitization
  5. Theory-based empirical research
  6. Research cooperation (interdisciplinary and international)

Research focus: Strategic and International Automotive Management


  • strategic (automotive) management / business models
  • dynamic (automotive) management
  • Management of the transition to electromobility
  • Changes in processes, services (including new mobility concepts and autonomous driving) and business models in times of digitization
  • (Business) Ecosystems
  • Management of ambidextria in times of change
  • Management of conflicting goals
  • Changes in purchasing behavior over the life cycle
  • Control of multinational automotive companies
  • International value creation strategies (especially offshore outsourcing)
  • Special features of the management in emerging markets
  • strategic competence management
  • Dynamic capabilities


Research projects


  • Pricing and Commercialization of Electromobility (funded by the Federal Government within the framework of the "ColognE-Mobil" project, 2010-2011)
  • Competitiveness of the EU Automotive Industry in Electric Vehicles (Project for the EU, 2012)
  • TCO analysis, fleet optimization and new business models for electric vehicles in the framework of the project "ColognE-Mobil II", 2013-2015)
  • New business models in the transition to electromobility (funded by the NRW state government within the framework of the Ziel2.NRW project "ElektroMobil.NRW" for the years 2010-2013)
  • Design and testing of new vehicle concepts and new multimodal mobility concepts - the Designstudio NRW (funded by the Ministry of Economy, Energy, Industry, Small Business and North Rhine-Westphalia 2013)
  • (Work package "Identification of target customers" and organization of a "Car Clinic" in November 2013)
  • Service innovations of independent multi-franchise dealer groups on the way to electro-mobile solution providers (DEAL), as part of the BMBF funding initiative "Service Innovations for Electric Mobility" (2014-2017)
  • Adjustment of the Benefit Proposition of Innovative Products of the Automotive Industry to Improve the Perceived Utility of the Target Customers - An Empirical Study on the Transition to Electromobility in Germany and China within the IN-EAST School of Advanced Regional Studies (funded by the BMBF, 2014-2017)
  • Market research to determine the requirements of a sharing vehicle in the form of a small, urban electric car based on the vehicle design of the project "DesignStudioNRW" (funded by NRW, 2016-17)
  • Age-appropriate driver assistance systems (ALFASY), within the scope of the leading market "Mobility & Logistics. NRW "(2017-2020)
  • Development and test of a Digital Maturity Index, in cooperation with the Deloitte Digital Factory, Düsseldorf
  • Effects of dynamic strategies on the capital market valuation of automotive companies
  • Ambidextrous management in multinational companies in long-term radical discontinuous change
  • Multinational automotive companies in times of upheaval - Challenges - Business models - Control