Chair of General Business Administration and International Automotive Management

Welcome to the Chair of General Business Administration and International Automotive Management

The chair is focused on research in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry makes international decisions more often than ever, not only the big car manufacturers, but also the middleclass and young, innovative car suppliers. New markets in East Europe, Latin America and Asia are getting more important concerning specific political, economic and cultural basic conditions.

Our task is to point out the characteristics of the automotive industry and management and automotive companies. Furthermore we strive to reveal the growing importance of the individual mobility against the background of digitization and autonomous driving.

The chair teaches in a general profound way. The requirements for the international automotive management are explained in an interdisciplinary manner. Reasons are given for the decisions within this content.

Open-minded thinkers shall be trained for the car companies that are often technology-driven. These companies mainly control gearbox development, coupling design or software development, however they neglect the interfaces between the functional departments.

Topics dealing with the international and cross-cultural management and also corporate strategies are theory-based and empirical. The main emphasis is put on the automotive industry. The results of the research shall advance the scientific discussion and support companies with explanatory and organizational knowledge.

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The chair puts the results of the scientific work into the practice of the car companies by the Center for Automotive Management (CAMA).

Such strong emotions like in the car industry are created hardly in any other industrial sector. Especially in Germany a car is still regarded as a symbol of image and enjoying. The car inspires millions of people worldwide
because it is an expression of individual personality, freedom and mobility.

The car industry is a very important branch of industry with an overall turnover of about 1.900 billion Euros in many countries all over the world. More than 8 million people are employed worldwide directly in the production of vehicles and parts of them. These are more than five per cent of all employees in the industrial production.

The management methods of the car industry affect the manufacturing industry. Even before the current crisis, the European automobile industry has faced enormous challenges: business in the domestic markets have been stagnating, manufacturers in emerging markets have been developing into serious competitors. Even at that stage the industry achieved only poor rates of return and analysts deducted the fair market value.

Through the global differentiation of mobility demand and vehicle propulsion, the global trend towards digitalization and the worldwide shortage of capital, the automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are not sufficiently prepared for such profound changes, at the moment. They will have to reconsider and adjust their strategic management over the next years even more. The Center for Automobile Management (CAMA) wants to support companies in handling these changes and to give impulses for modernization.

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Tutorial "Scientific Work for Theses"

The tutorial "Scientific Work for Theses" will take place on the following dates in the period from 2pm to 3pm in room MF426:

  • 01/08/2018
  • 01/15/2018
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  • 02/05/2018
  • 02/12/2018
  • 03/12/2018

The offer is aimed at all AEM students who are currently working on a thesis. Please register by email to Ms Lisa Kraus