„Introduction to International Automotive Management“ in the Bachelor

L: 2 | E: 0 | P: 0 | S: 0 | Credits: 0 Description

The course deals with the fundamentals of

  1. International (automotive) management as a specific discipline, i.e. international management as the process of strategic analysis, forecasting of strategy formulation, and strategy implementation in the business units, with the specific features of cross-border automotive management being highlighted throughout
  2. Intercultural (automotive) management, i.e. strategic analysis of different national cultures, problems of intercultural management in the design of organizational structures, communications and human resource management in automotive companies

Teaching form:

lecture, short case study, role pla

Educational objective:

Students will

  • Become familiar with the principles and methods of solving decision-making problems in international (automotive) management
  • Gain an understanding of intercultural (automotive) management as part of international management
  • Become familiar with fundamental internationalization theories

Course achievement:

Written examination, duration 60 min


Frau Prof. Dr. Heike Proff

Contact Person

Mrs. Dr. Monika Söndgerath




Planning and Organization, Automotive Value Chain 


Documents for research and study are available online at Moodle.