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In this course, the issues of international automotive management will be studied in further depth. Issues addressed will include specific features of international (automotive) management, in particular:

  • More advanced explanations of direct investment theories (internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises, “born globals”, international value creation strategies such as production transfer and offshore outsourcing, as well as the internationalization of multinational corporations from low-wage countries) and
  • Specific features of management in emerging markets, with higher revenue potentials and higher risks at the same time

Teaching form:

Lecture with integrated case studies

Educational objective:

Students will acquire:

  • In-depth (theoretical and practical) knowledge of selected current issues of international automotive management and
  • Knowledge of the extension of internationalization theories.

Course achievement:

Written examination, duration 60 min.


Frau Prof. Dr. Heike Proff

Contact Person:

Mrs. Dr. Monika Söndgerath




Basic skills in international (automotive) management. 


Documents for research and study are available online at Moodle.