Teaching at the Chair of General Business Administration and International Automotive Management

Students will become familiar with the necessary theoretical and methodical knowledge of the (international) (automotive) management. This knowledge encloses not only the (faster and faster obsolescent) fact knowledge, but also social and cross-cultural competence. Teaching connects fact knowledge, social, methodical, cross-cultural
competence and offers the students examples from the company practice. All these enable the students to achieve a successful professional career in international (automobile) companies.

Principles of Teaching

  1. Teaching of the current state of research and consideration of the latest management concepts
  2. Case studies in small team work
  3. Application of new media in the teaching
  4. Integrating of practical persons in lectures and visiting international car companies
  5. Consideration of the regional environment with the choice and preparing of the subject matter
  6. Suggestions for the teaching from the consultation of international car companies


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For general and administrative inquiries about all courses (eg combination of courses, admission questions, etc.), the contact person Dr. med. Monika Söndgerath (monika.soendgerath@uni-due.de or Tel. +49 (0) 203 / 379-1040).


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  Winter term Summer term
Bachelor compulsory module


Buisness economics 1:

  • Planning and Organization
Compulsory optional module
  • Preparation 2
  • Automotive Value Chain
  • Introduction to International Automotive Management
  • Preparation 1
  • Automotive Sales (Prof. Dudenhöffer)
  • Strategic Automotive Management
Master (elective module)
  • Dynamic Automotive Management(tutorial / case studies)
  • International Automotive Management
  • Seminar



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