Research Group Gulbins


Research Interests
  1. Role of ceramide in cystic fibrosis and emphysema
  2. Regulation of infection and inflammation by ceramide
    • Role of sphingolipids, in particular ceramide, and sphingomyelinases for infection of mammalian cells with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus
    • Regulation of lysosomal maturation by sphingolipids during bacterial infections
    • Function of mitochondrial ceramide for infection with P. aeruginosa
    • Sphingolipids in Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Arthritis
  3. Tumor-Host interactions
    • Role of tumor-host sphingolipids for hematogenous and lymphatic tumor metastasis
    • Induction of tumor cell death by manipulation of the host sphingolipid metabolism
    • Role of mitochondrial ceramide for tumor cell death
    • Function of ceramide for radiation- and chemotherapy-induced cell death
  4. Regulation and function of mitochondrial Kv1.3 channels
  5. Role of sphingolipids in major depression