IMCES Calendar "Life Beyond Vision"

Voting Results for the "Life Beyond Vision" Calendar 2022

We would like to say "THANK YOU" for the again very large participation in the voting for our new IMCES calendar 2022. 50 different user contributions could be chosen between August 16th and 27th, 2021 and 170 employees at UKE and UDE finally decided for the following motives...

All pictures are property of the users and/or IMCES. Accordingly, we prohibit their unauthorized use without first obtaining a declaration of consent.

Short note: Since the image #50 came from the same series as the motif #49 and received slightly fewer votes than #49, it was not included in the final selection. Instead, image #1 moved up in the selection.

Motif 44 - Cover Image

Motif 35

Motif 7

Motif 11

Motif 29

Motif 49

Motif 13

Motif 33

Motif 41

Motif 23

Motif 9

Motif 20

Motif 1