Welcome to the IN-EAST

At the Institute of East Asian Studies (IN-EAST) of the University of Duisburg-Essen – Campus Duisburg –, more than 30 scholars from different scientific disciplines are engaged in both research and education on contemporary East Asia, focusing on the economies, politics, and societies of China and Japan. Eight chairs, rooted in the faculties of Business Administration, Social and Political Sciences are involved, led by the following experts:


(from left to right:)
Prof. Flemming Christiansen, Ph.D.  Social Sciences of East Asia/Political Sociology of China
Prof. em. Dr. Winfried Flüchter  Human Geography/East Asia
Senior Prof. Dr. Thomas Heberer  Politics and Society of China
Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha  East Asian Economic Studies/Japan and Korea
Prof. Karen Shire, Ph.D.  Comparative Sociology and Japanese Society 
Prof. Dr. Markus Taube  East Asian Economic Studies/China
Prof. Dr. Axel Klein  Japanese Politics / Modern East Asian Studies
Acting Prof. Yuan Li, Ph.D.  Business and Economic Studies of East Asia

Established in 1994, IN-EAST is considered to be the most comprehensive university institute committed to contemporary East Asian studies in Germany. Allowing students to select an emphasis on either Japan or China, it offers the following research oriented Study Programs, leading to a Ph.D., a Master’s, or a Bachelor’s degree:

English language study programs:

Deutschsprachiges Studienprogramm: