Katharina Borgmann


► Short CV

Katharina M. Borgmann (Dr.-Ing.) graduated from architecture and urban design. She has gained several years of professional experience during her work as an architect and urban designer in Israel, China, and India and has worked as a research fellow and lecturer across Asia. Currently, at the University of Duisburg-Essen, her research focus is centred around cross-cultural transfer processes of urbanisation strategies and their impact on local contexts in China and India. Her further research interests lie in alternative mobility concepts and scenario development, these research topics as well as her teaching activities are embedded in the larger strive to contribute to a better understanding of sustainable urban development and the contribution of city-building scholars and professionals. Her work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and she has received grants and scholarships from German and European funding institutions to support her work.

► Recent Publications

Borgmann, Katharina; Sneep, Deirdre (2017): Innovative Methods in Urban Research: On the Use of Action Cameras in East Asian Cities. In: ASIEN. The German Journal on Contemporary Asia. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde e.V. Hamburg, 142, pp. 54–67.

Raheja, Gaurav; Borgmann, Katharina (2016): Urban Transformations in Left-Over Spaces – Explorations through a Space Syntax perspective. In: IFKAD 2016 – 11th International Forum for Knowledge Asset Dynamics: Towards a new Architecture of Knowledge: Big Data, Culture, Creativity: Proceedings, Dresden, Germany, 15th–17th June 2016, p. 134.

► Research Interests
  • Urban transformation
  • Eigenart of the city
  • Urban systems
  • Cross-cultural cooperation
  • East Asia
  • India

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