Shuanping Dai


► Short CV

Shuanping Dai is Junior Professor at the Institute of East Asian Studies and Mercator School of Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen. He finished his doctoral study at the University of Bremen in 2013 and received both Master and Bachelor degree at Jilin University in 2008 and 2006 respectively. From 2014 to 2017, he was leading the Research Group “Innovation and the Chinese Economy” at the IN-EAST School of Advanced Studies. His research mainly focuses on the issues of understanding social-economic emerging properties from the social interaction and human behavior perspectives.

► Research Interests
  • Institutional Economics
  • Innovation Theory
  • Network Game Theory
  • Chinese Economy
► Research Description

When discussing proper institutional environments for innovation, the fundamental question is how (supportive) institutions emerge, in particular, in the platforms or countries where formal institutions are weak. Hence, researches must pay attention to the process of how institutions emerge and how they support innovative endeavours. Besides the concerns about the institutional setting, we should also understand innovation as an interactive process; innovation emerges from social interactions among firms, individuals, and research units, etc., and roots in iterative processes of searching, learning, and knowledge transfer. Such above are the major departure points of my project.

At the second stage of the project, I not only continue on the network approach to innovation studies, but also extend perspectives to investigate how firms in China develop and upgrade their products. For example, my project studies how the low-speed Electric Vehicles (EV) companies in Shandong province started to learn the knowledge gradually, and how they interacted with local and central governments and regulation departments for obtaining a production certification. Those dynamic interaction processes may enrich our understanding on innovation process.